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These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends Are A Must-Try This Spring


From the midi bob to the jagger cut, here are 5 hair trends to try now if you're looking for a new look.

These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring

Looking for a new look? According to experts, these 5 hair trends will be big in spring 2022

Spring is finally here, and that means it's time to start thinking about a new look. The easiest solution? A trip to the hair salon to try out one of the hottest hair trends of the season predicted by experts below.

Jagger cut

Jagger cut | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring
Jagger cut | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring
Instagram: @vanellimelli

Inspired by Mick Jagger in the '70s, this hairstyle with bangs is all about showing off your natural texture with soft cuts, light curls, and fringes - especially around the ears and nape of the neck. "It's cute, androgynous, yet still feels feminine and modern," says hairstylist Larry King. "The best way to use this trend is to use 'My Nanna's Mousse' to add body and shine to the hair and just use your fingers to bring out the hair's natural texture as you blow dry. Finish with a mix of my 'A Social Life For Your Hair' and the 'Velvet Texture Clay'".

Scandi Wave

Scandi Wave | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring
Instagram: @hunterschafer

The Scandi wave is on the rise right now. "I have a simple trick for how to get the best Scandi wave," says hairstylist Syd Hayes. "First, I would use a medium Babyliss curling iron and curl the hair in sections, starting at the nape of the neck and working towards the front. Once the hair is cool and set, take your 'Babyliss 9000' blow dryer brush and gently run through the hair." The result? Soft waves that feel slightly tousled and add an edgy touch to the look.

Y2K Extensions

Y2K Extensions | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring
Emily Ratajkowski wore extreme extensions on the Versace runway.

Y2K fever has taken the world by storm, and what better way to embrace this trend than with XXL extensions? Think of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. "Our hair extensions master at Larry King, Vicky Demetriou, has a focus on eye-catching extensions at the moment," says pro Larry King. "We're all just reminiscing about the '00s. These extensions were more of an obvious, voluminous, XXL version of the hidden, more natural versions we've seen in recent years."


Midi bob

Midi bob | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring
Instagram: @alexachung

Yes, it's true: the bob will remain with us. But not just any bob, more of a midi bob complemented by grown-out bangs. "It's not as severe or extreme as a mullet or a shag, but still a mix of short and long hair," says hairstylist George Northwood. "The softly cut, grown-out bangs flow into the long strands at the sides, framing the face and highlighting the cheekbones." This hairstyle suits almost everyone. Professionally blow-dried, it looks elegant and chic, but air-dried, it looks effortless and casual. "What I love about this hairstyle is that it makes anyone look 'modern' but not too daring or too high-fashion," Northwood continues. "My inspiration is Brigitte Bardot, her side-swept bangs are an absolute classic and, surprisingly, the style hasn't changed that much since she coined it in the '70s."

Return of the bounce

Return of the bounce | These 5 Cool Girl Hair Trends are A Must-Try This Spring




"My absolute favorite hairstyle is volume, and it's back," says Hayes. "Yes, the voluminous bounce is back." Inspired by 'Studio 54', this look is all about old-school glamor and sex appeal. To create it, you need some hot rollers and a volumizing mousse, such as 'Evo Root Canal'. Apply some mousse to freshly washed hair and blow dry until completely dry. "Once you've created that perfect base, I would start rolling the rollers parallel into the hair from the front to the part," says Hayes. "That means these curlers stay in the hair the longest, which creates more volume at the top — and that's what everyone wants." Continue in this manner, working the curlers into the remaining hair on the sides and then down to the nape of the neck. "Be sure to gently twist the ends of the hair into the curlers for a great finish and to keep the hair bouncy throughout." In order for the result to last, Hayes recommends using some Elnett while the curlers are in the hair.

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