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6 Tips For Pimples On Chin And Neck


Whether as a teenager, during pregnancy, after the lavish holidays or just like that: pimples are always an unattractive companion in various phases of life.

This works against pimples on the chin and neck: 6 tips | 6 Tips For Pimples On Chin And Neck

This works against pimples on the chin and neck: 6 tips

Reason: fine dust, stress, and hormone fluctuations, even well beyond puberty. The pimples then mainly show up in the T-zone, i.e. on the forehead, nose, and chin. Pimples along the chin line and on the neck, in particular, can have various causes. They can be elegantly hidden with a scarf or nicely manicured fingers (in photos), but they can still quickly leave scars. Because life is easier without pimples on the chin and the so-called games of hiding and seeks: Causes and tricks against the blemished skin on the chin.

1. Targeted treatment of pimples on the chin

Pimples on the chin can be treated with treatments containing salicylic acid or alcohol-based anti-pimple swabs. It is important to note that the product is actually only dabbed onto the inflamed areas of the skin, not spilling onto the bare skin. Because the pungent active ingredients attack the protective acid mantle of the skin, have a strong drying effect and, in the worst case, unnecessarily stimulate sebum production.

2. For pimples on the chin: Avoid contact with bacteria

Pimples on the chin are often caused by bacteria. Whether on your fingers, on your cell phone, or scarf: If you constantly touch your skin with contaminated objects, you will soon be “happy” about a few new roommates. If you want to get rid of the pimples on your chin, the following applies: Don't play around with your fingers on your chin or neck. Squeezing out the pimples usually doesn't help either, it actually makes the inflamed areas of the skin worse. Even if the pimples are an annoying leftover from youth: The pressing, scratching, and squeezing should be stopped at the latest when you grow up.


3. Check hormones at the gynecologist

Pimples and inflammation along the jawline and neck in particular can be caused by hormone fluctuations in addition to stress and an improper diet. Increased production of male hormones, especially during your period, can lead to more pimples on your chin. Testosterone stimulates the sebum glands and thus causes increased sebum production, which at the same time promotes pimples. The birth control pill can also have a negative effect on the skin. An expert can check the hormone levels and suggest suitable therapies, such as chaste berry or a mineral complex.

4. Cleanse the skin of the face properly

4. Cleanse the skin of the face properly | 6 Tips For Pimples On Chin And Neck

... also on the neck, along the chin line, and on the décolleté. Light cleansing milk or gentle micellar water, as well as a balancing toner or oil, are mandatory here, the combination with a facial brush is the pore-deep pure freestyle. Peelings, masks, and steam baths also cleanse the skin and refine the complexion. If the skin tends to pimple on the chin despite thorough cleaning, there may be an intolerance to certain fragrances or ingredients. For blemished skin on the face, you should therefore rely on non-comedogenic, i.e. non-pore-clogging, and mild care.

5. Dairy products favor pimples on the chin

Studies aim to show that consuming dairy products can increase blemished skin and acne. The reason for this is the hormones contained in milk. Anyone who suffers from pimples on the chin can consistently do without yogurt, milk coffee, and cheese for a while - and observe the complexion.

6. Make-up brushes clean and prevent impurities

6. Make-up brushes clean and prevent impurities | 6 Tips For Pimples On Chin And Neck

Cleansing is an important step on the path to pimple-free skin on your chin. This not only applies to the skin of the face, but also to make-up sponges and brushes. Dead skin cells, bacteria, natural oils, and sweat settle in the pores and fibers of the tools, which can lead to pimples all over the face, but also on the chin. Regularly clean brushes and sponges with a bar of mild soap and rinse under running, lukewarm water and allow to dry completely.

Perioral dermatitis as a cause of pimples on the chin

If the pimples on your chin develop from small blemishes to a rash, you are likely to have perioral dermatitis. This can occur on the neck, chin, and around the eyes. It is caused by too much skincare, for example, if the face is constantly washed and re-applied over and over again, the skin loses the ability to produce lipids and fats itself. This disrupts the skin's natural protective acid mantle, making it look flaky and dry. Pathogens such as bacteria and fungi can then cause inflammation more easily.

What helps against perioral dermatitis? Dermatologists usually recommend avoiding all creams as a successful treatment method for pimples on the chin. Aggressive washing lotions and pimple treatments should also be temporarily avoided. After a while, the inflamed skin regulates itself. In severe cases, an antibiotic can be administered by the dermatologist.

The Meaning of Pimples on the Chin According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the appearance of pimples and blemishes is said to say a lot about the condition of the organs. In the so-called face mapping, the organs are assigned certain parts of the face. Pimples in these areas therefore have different causes. By inferring certain organ problems, the cause of the pimple can be treated more specifically.

Pimples on the chin and in the entire jaw area as well as on the neck are also known in TCM as "period pimples". During menstruation, the hormonal balance becomes imbalanced; the result is blemished skin in the area around the chin. Stress can also promote the formation of pimples. When stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which is also seen in TCM as the cause of pimples on the chin. If the impurities only appear in the middle of the chin, according to TCM, a disturbed gastrointestinal tract is responsible for the pimples.

The advice for pimples on the chin is, therefore: to reduce stress, make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fiber and pamper your skin with extra care against pimples, for example, a clarifying mask, during your period.

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