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Hairdressers Warn Of These 5 Hair Mistakes During Lockdown


During Corona, we tend to have the wildest hair experiments without a hairdresser. According to hairdressers, these mistakes happen to us most often.

Hairdressers warn of these 5 hair mistakes during lockdown
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The hair salons are closed and unfortunately, it is not clear when we will be able to sit on a barber chair next time. Still, professional hairdressers strongly advise against making these hair mistakes at home.

1. Use cheap equipment

When it comes to hair care, it is worth not only investing in shampoo and other care products. Joana Neves, editor-in-chief at Alterna Haircare, emphasizes that hair damage can be prevented by using high-quality brushes and blow dryers. When choosing a blow dryer, you should pay attention to a blow dryer nozzle that prevents frizz. The paddle brush, on the other hand, is perfect for quick blow-drying, with a round brush conjuring up volume and shape in the hair.

2. Color and bleach yourself

When it comes to this topic, experts always scream, and yet it is tried so often at home - often with dramatic consequences. Often places are forgotten and the result is uneven. Even if it takes too long to apply or if you wait too long before rinsing the product out again, blotchy areas can arise. Compensating for the damage and having to walk around on your head for an indefinite period of time with an unsuccessful result is not worth the effort, says Rae Palmer, the owner of the WeLove Salon.

3. Disregard the package insert

If you decide to have a hair treatment at home, which is not advisable according to point 2, you should make sure to follow the instructions exactly. It may sound simple, but longer exposure times can quickly lead to unsightly consequences and the hair would be unnecessarily stressed, emphasizes Renee Gadar, expert for texture at Aveda.

4. Overuse hair

Just because we're now in lockdown doesn't mean we should completely disregard our hair care routine and throw all the rules overboard. Unfortunately, that would often be the case, says hairdresser Michael Van Clarke. Instead, this would be the perfect opportunity to devote yourself fully to hair care again. Nourishing hair treatments and less heat protect your hair and scalp.


5. Forget the experts

Caroline Sanderson, director of Ego Hair Design, has seen many desperate customers during and after the lockdowns. She, therefore, advises "if you are unsure about hair color and styling, contact your salon and stylist, who will be happy to give you tips." You can often reach them - despite the lockdown - by email or phone. So you are not alone when it comes to taming lockdown hair.

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