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Pastel Pink Hair: How To Adopt This Trendy Color?


Having become very trendy in 2015, pastel hair is still very popular years later. And for good reason, this light coloring can be discreet and only lasts a few weeks. Perfect for those who want a sudden change.

When we talk about hair color, we often think of chocolate brown, Californian blonde, auburn red, deep black, but pastel colors are rarely one of the hair colors we think of. And yet, if done well, these are hair dyes that are quite pretty and there is no risk of ending up with a candy pink that would not be suitable for your hair color project. Pastel pink is a soft color that gives your face an angelic look, and that whether you apply it all over your hair, just on your tips, tie and dye, streaks or ombré hair. This shade hasn't always been trendy. But once celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Pink, Kendall Jenner, Elle Fanning, Hailey Bieber, or even Maisie Williams were seen with pastel pink hair, she quickly became the go-to hair color. But this hair color should be done after giving it enough thought because you have to be aware of what it means for your hair fiber and you also have to be able to take enough care of your hair afterward so that the pastel pink is always. vibrating a month later.

Pastel pink hair: how to adopt this trendy color?
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Why is pink coloring trendy?

Much more than pastel pink, pink hair, in general, is trending this year. Containment has helped women, and men, to try new hair colorings. But why this color and not the green? Pink is both warm and soft. A color that can do good and brighten up confined days that are all alike. Most hair dye brands have seen a marked increase in sales for pink cosmetics, as The Guardian explains. The appearance of pink in hair dates back to the 18th century, as explained by Rachel Gibson, creator of the Instagram account The Hair Historian. The hair powder used for the wigs was often scented with lavender and this discolored them into pastel pink tones. But pink comes in many tones. In the 1970s it was lively when used by the punk movement to mark their non-membership in mainstream society. The Punks gave themselves a visually extravagant cut, with those famous gel peaks, with a color that had a feminine connotation: pink. Thus, the members of this movement played with stereotypes. In the 90s, it was grunge that took hold of this coloring as soft as it was extravagant. Today, it is mainly pop and rap singers, such as Pink, Lady Gaga, or Nicki Minaj who do not hesitate to play this color. The advantage of pink is that it can be dark, bubble gum, or fuchsia and thus adapt to all skin tones and all personalities.

Why is pink coloring trendy? | Pastel pink hair: how to adopt this trendy color?
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Who can do pastel pink hair color?

One of the things to know before embarking on the hair dye process for a pastel pink is that this color emphasizes fair complexions much more. If your complexion is tan, olive, or dark, it will stand out more. But if you feel like it, you can still have this color on your hair, as long as you let your natural color show. Thus, it will be more judicious to turn to an ombré hair or a tie and dye.

Another parameter to take into account before dyeing your hair pastel pink: the base color. The technique used will not be the same whether your hair is colored or natural and will change whether you have blonde or brown hair. So, if your hair is blonde, you are lucky because you can directly dye your hair with pastel pink. On the other hand, if you have light brown, brown, red, or black hair, you will need to bleach your hair to remove the pigments naturally present and therefore lighten them. Since pastel pink is a warm color, like peach, you don't have to have completely white, bleached hair for the color to stand out. A very light blonde is enough for the coloring to catch and stand out.

You should also be aware that pink, like other pastel colors, is not a permanent color. Indeed, the discoloration will greatly sensitize your hair. The darker your hair, the more fragile it will become. This is reflected in their scales which will remain open and therefore, over time, the color will become more and more bland until it disappears naturally. On average, a pastel pink color lasts for a month on the hair. But it depends on many parameters, such as their length, their nature (if they are rather thick, thin, porous), the frequency of shampooing, the care you give them. If you're the type who sees the glass half-full, instead of telling yourself that the color fades with each shampoo, you can tell yourself that each shampoo gives your pastel pink a different shade. You will be able to see blonde, coppery, pink blonde highlights, etc.

Who can do pastel pink hair color? | Pastel pink hair: how to adopt this trendy color?

Who can do pastel pink hair color? | Pastel pink hair: how to adopt this trendy color?
Instagram: @maisie_williams

What are the stages of pastel pink coloring?

Bleaching is therefore an inherent step in hair coloring unless you already have the right blonde, which is quite rare. At a minimum, you should bleach in a tone from your natural hair color if you are blonde. This step is essential to have a uniform blonde because a natural color always contains several shades and reflections that must be removed.

If your hair is a little darker, it will take patience and make several bleaches to obtain an adequate base. If your hairdresser offers you bleach in several stages, this is not to bother you, but to avoid as much damage as possible to your hair fiber. This step will be the longest and the most tedious. Once the first bleaching has been carried out, which will lighten your hair up to 3 or 4 tones, you will have to take care of your lightened hair and wait 15 days to a month before redesigning your hair. A good hairdresser will only perform another bleach if your hair is healthy. Having a very even bleached base is very important because pastel pink is a color with very little pigment and therefore the slightest imperfection in the color of your hair will prevent the pink from coming out well.

Once you've managed to achieve a bleach that can accommodate your new hair color, it's time to dye them. If you go to a colorist, they can create a custom-made pastel pink for you. So, if your discoloration is more yellowish, whether you have a golden blonde or a copper blonde, you can turn to a rose gold dye. It is also a color that can also be applied on an ash blonde, Venetian red, or light brown base, which is therefore perfect for people who do not want to bleach too much. This derivative of pastel pink is full of undertones, unlike the basic pastel pink which is quite uniform. Thus, you will have golden or copper highlights on your hair.

What are the stages of pastel pink coloring? | Pastel pink hair: how to adopt this trendy color?
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Pastel pink coloring: can you do it at home?

It is quite complicated to make a pastel pink dye at home. Indeed, the discoloration part is the most important, but it is also the most technical. Unless you know how to bleach, it's best to turn to a hairstylist who will know exactly how to dose the bleach without irritating your scalp. This is indeed one of the risks if the bleaching agent is too concentrated compared to the activator. In addition, you can seriously damage your hair fiber, until they are burnt or even end up with an orange color. The risks will be less if you do it at your hairdresser.

On the other hand, there is a way to have pastel pink hair in your home without it ruining it. The solution? Temporary colorings. A few years ago, hair chalk, literally hair chalk, was all the rage. And for good reason, it was enough to rub the chalk against a wet hair so that it is adorned with a pink, green, yellow, purple hue, and this, whatever your natural color. Today it is complicated to get hold of these hair chalks, but brands have innovated and you can now get color sprays. They are very easy to use. All you need to do is spray the product a few centimeters from your wicks and brush it off to avoid the cardboard effect. The advantage of these coloring sprays is that they work equally well on blond, brown, or red hair; and in addition, they leave with a shampoo (be careful, your bathtub or your shower tray will take a pretty pink color at the same time). It is therefore an excellent way to test a pastel pink before going to the real coloring (even if the rendering will not be the same) or to wait between two discolorations.

Our tips for maintaining your pastel pink hair

The biggest downside to pastel pink is that it is very fleeting and only lasts a few weeks. So the secret to long-lasting color and healthy hair is maintenance. We must therefore be rigorous.

The first step is to space out the shampoos as much as possible, otherwise, the color will bleed out. The best is to rinse your hair with cold water after your shampoo is done to close the scales and therefore preserve the color. Regarding the shampoo, choose a range for colored hair. They will then stop oxidation and protect your hair from UV rays that bleach it. Also favor a shampoo that does not contain sulfate in the ingredients (sodium sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLES...). This ingredient will dull your color, but can also irritate your scalp and weaken the hair.

Another option is to use a repigmenting treatment that matches your pastel pink. For this, you can buy one directly in stores, paying attention to the evolution of your color. If your pastel pink is starting to turn orange, use a blue conditioner that will neutralize the orange undertones. If you want to prevent this side effect, use a pink repigmenting treatment. You can also do this yourself by mixing a little pastel pink dye in your conditioner. It is a treatment to apply from time to time to maintain the color and avoid returning to your hairdresser to touch up your color.

Whether you have done pink, green, or blue dyes, all dyes damage the hair. So in addition to using products to preserve the pink of your hair, you must also use treatments that repair the hair fiber. For this, it is better to focus on masks or leave-in care. As for the hair mask, do it once a week. In addition to repairing your hair, it will also act on the strength and shine of the latter. For a natural alternative, you can take coconut oil or argan oil baths once a week as well. These extra-nourishing vegetable oils will delight your pink hair. Apply these oils all over your hair, paying particular attention to the lengths and ends. Do not exceed 10 minutes of exposure to avoid bleeding your color.

It is also important to avoid sources of heat as much as possible. If you want to use a hair dryer, use the cool air mode which is available on even the most basic hair dryers. If you want to straighten or curl your hair, protect it well with a heat-resistant treatment and use the temperature most suitable for your hair type to avoid ironing several times on the same strand. It is these numerous round trips combined with the high heat that break the hair fiber.

With proper maintenance, pastel pink can last over a month on your hair. And if you want to keep this color for a long time, this will make it possible to space your appointments with your hairdresser as much as possible to touch up your hair color.

Pastel pink hair: total or partial coloring?

When it comes to dyeing, a question arises: what type of coloring do you want to do? Indeed, there are a whole lot of effects that you can bring to your hair. If you want a fairly discreet result that blends well with your natural color, you can opt for a balayage or an ombre hair. Pastel pink will only show up in streaks in your hair. It's also the perfect alternative for people with dark skin tones who still want to go for pastel pink hair. It can also be a good option for people who work in trades where hair eccentricity is not an option. Otherwise, you can opt for total hair color if that's what you want. It's up to you to decide what is best for you, now that you have all the cards in your hand.

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