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5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Thinning


Thin hair isn't always just genetic, it can also be due to other causes - such as these five...

5 Reasons Why Your Hair is Thinning
Is your hair thinning? These could be possible reasons.

Do you have the feeling that your hair is gradually thinning and no longer has the same fullness? Not only genes can be the cause for this, but also other various factors can lead to it over the course of life. We tell you five reasons that are often the trigger for thinning hair:

1. Stress

Constant stress is a common reason why hair not only becomes dull and dull but is often also thinner. If stress hormones can no longer be broken down properly, this has a negative impact on the hair follicles. If the concentration of certain messenger substances in the scalp is too high, the consequences can be inflammatory reactions at the hair roots, a disruption in hair growth, and even hair loss.

2. Vitamin deficiency

Our hair absorbs certain nutrients that it needs to grow through the hair roots. In addition to iron, zinc, and calcium, vitamins – especially A, C, E, and H – also play an important role. If we take in too little of them over a long period of time, it affects our hair and it can appear thin and brittle.

3. Wrong hairstyle

Did you know that even the wrong hairstyle can lead to thinning hair in the long run? This does not mean a haircut, but much more the way you style your mane! For example, if the bun or ponytail is tied too tightly, the hair can break and thus thin out the hair over time.


4. Hormonal changes

During pregnancy or during menopause: Hormonal changes can have a major impact on the hair structure and cause the hair to become thinner. Important: If you have the feeling that you are losing an unnatural amount of hair, it is best to contact your family doctor.

5. Change in diet

A change in diet can also be the cause of suddenly thinning hair when the body realizes that it is no longer absorbing the same nutrients as before. Especially the reduction of protein, which is very important for the hair, becomes noticeable very quickly and can negatively influence the growth process.

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