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5 Signs You Should Be Looking For A New Hairdresser


Finding the right hairdresser is often a long and complicated process for women. At the latest with these five signs, you should better look for a new hairdresser.

5 Signs You Should Be Looking For A New Hairdresser

There is a relationship of trust between a woman and her hairdresser that is similar to a love affair. After all, you want to enjoy your visit to the hairdresser, lean back, and then go home overjoyed and satisfied. If this is not the case, you should start looking for a new hairdresser as soon as possible. These five signs are also warning signs that you should change hairdressers.

1. The cut is different than desired

Sad but true: some hairdressers have their own ideas about what suits the customer. It becomes difficult when the cut is completely different in the end from what you wanted. You should really start looking for a new hairdresser here as soon as possible.

2. The hairdresser cuts too much

A situation with which many women have certainly already had their experience: They go to the hairdresser and don't want a big change, just a little fresh-up. But instead of just trimming the tips, leave the salon with a felt bob. Again, you should think twice about making another appointment in this salon.

3. Bad communication

You want to describe your ideas and already have the feeling that you are not being paid any attention. You can only dream of a cup of coffee or water and your hairdresser checks her cell phone at every opportunity. That, too, is one reason why you should find a hairdresser who makes you feel welcome and well taken care of.


4. Painful visit to the hairdresser

A visit to the hairdresser should be relaxing and pleasant - after all, you pay for it. However, if the head massage and hair wash are uncomfortably painful and the styling makes you fear that you will only leave the salon with half of your hair, then you should react.

5. Too long exposure times

You want a new hair color and it takes some time to work. Of course, your hairdresser does not have to sit right next to you for the entire exposure time, but you should be concerned at the latest when you are forgotten. Because exposure times that are too long can overstrain and damage the hair. Not a good sign for a talented hairdresser!

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