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Boy Bob Is The Must-Have For Short Hair


If there's one hairstyle you'd better bookmark for 2022, it has to be the boy bob. What exactly is hidden behind it, we will tell you here.

Boy Bob Is The Must-Have For Short Hair
Cool, cool, Boy Bob!

Boy Bob Is The Must-Have For Short Hair
We tell you everything about the trend hairstyle 2022.

Bob hairstyles are more popular than ever - and this will hardly change in 2022. On the contrary! The new boy bob is already considered the trend hairstyle of the year. Maybe because it's already worn by supermodels like Kaia Gerber & Co. Either way: We know everything about what is probably the coolest hair trend of 2022.

What is the boy bob?

The Boy Bob gives the classic short Bob 2022 a cool and, above all, rocking upgrade. It looks way more boyish than its classic counterpart. How does it work? Well, for one, the boy bob is cut extremely short. In this case, the angular and straight tips flatter the chin and thus reach no further than the shoulder. In addition, the hair at the nape of the neck should be slightly layered or even shaved out to give the bob its androgynous twist. The front section may also be shortened and slightly stepped.

Boy Bob: How to style the trend hairstyle 2022?

Styling the boy bob couldn't be easier - it really comes into its own in a casual undone look. After washing your hair, simply put a little sea salt spray in the length and let the hair air dry. Soft waves or curls also provide more volume. Here, too, you should make sure that they don't look too perfect. It is best to toss the mane again after styling with the curling iron or straightening iron. If you also use some volume powder, the hair will look even fluffier.

Who does Boy Bob suit?

Who would have thought it - the boy bob actually suits every woman! For example, if you have a round or oval face shape, you should definitely go for the boy bob this year: it creates a great frame and makes the contours look even more harmonious. With angular face shapes, the cut should be cut a little softer - this will prevent your facial features from appearing even harder. For heart-shaped faces, we also recommend fringe to conceal a broad forehead. Especially cool: curtain bangs!

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