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These Are The 3 Most Unpopular Hairstyles For Women


Not every hairstyle is equally popular with women. A survey shows which haircuts are particularly unpopular.

These are the 3 most unpopular hairstyles for women
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There are hairstyles on women that men secretly hate. These include, for example, the bun or the pixie cut. But what about women? Which hairstyle do you absolutely hate? A survey among 574 American women showed astonishing results - because in addition to some expected hairstyles (see rank one) one of the most famous women's hairstyles in the world "made" it into the ranking.

These haircuts are particularly unpopular

261 women (45.5 percent) said that in their eyes the mullet was the worst hairstyle of all time. Closely behind came an eighties hairstyle with 36.2 percent, namely the bowl cut, better known as the pot cut hairstyle (although we think it suits Charlize Theron quite well). Third place went to the fringed pony.

A hairstyle that we did not expect in the unpopularity ranking is the famous Rachel cut from the Friends series. Around 6 percent of the women surveyed stated that they were not a fan of the step cut with a voluminous back of the head. Fun fact: Jennifer Aniston herself revealed in a 2015 interview that she never really liked the Rachel cut as she always had to rely on the help of her hairstylist Chris McMillan to style it.

These haircuts are particularly unpopular | These are the 3 most unpopular hairstyles for women
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