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What Routine To Maintain Frizzy Hair?


Fragile by nature and ultra-dry, they have an essential daily need for hydration and nutrition.

What Routine to Maintain Frizzy Hair?

We optimize the shampoo

Before washing the hair, applying oil to the scalp and the lengths makes cleaning less harsh. We choose it of vegetable origin, therefore quite rich, and we use it 15 minutes before the shampoo (or
the day before, ideally, by putting on a charlotte to sleep) in order to hydrate and nourish in depth.

Fortifier This elixir composed of five vegetable oils (castor, baobab, shea, sunflower, corn) is used before washing, but also as a leave-in treatment on dry hair.

We wash gently

Washing serves both to clean the hair and to remove accumulated products. The right rhythm? From once a week to once every two to three weeks, depending on the level of curls and dryness. The composition of the shampoo must respect the ecosystem of the scalp and be rich in moisturizing active ingredients to facilitate detangling. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, then begin to detangle the hair by following with a conditioner. To be used alone or in addition to the mask for a complete routine.

Respectful Thanks to its sulfate-free base, enriched with oils, it gently removes residue and dirt and prepares for detangling without damaging natural curly and frizzy hair.

We feed the fiber

The most important step, it restores an optimal level of hydration, which prevents hair breakage. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes to 1 hour on towel-dried hair. This moisturizes, nourishes, and makes it easier to detangle the lengths impregnated with the product. The right technique? Divide the hair into four sections, then, with a wide-toothed comb, start at the ends and go up towards the roots, without pulling so as not to break the hair or aggravate the split ends. We rinse and, if we use a hairdryer, we can apply a protective heat treatment; but the best is to leave your hair in the open air, so as not to further weaken the fiber.

Repairing A duo of moisturizing aloe vera and nutritious mango butter for this treatment to be used to detangle, or as a mask to leave on.


We prefer treatment styling

Every morning, apply a moisturizer on the lengths, then oil or butter (warmed in the hands) to nourish and "seal" the hydration and maintain it as long as possible. Porous, this type of hair absorbs well, but loses everything very quickly! We structure with an afro comb by lifting the roots to ventilate and replace the hairstyle, without ever trying to pass the comb from the roots to the tips, it tears the hair.

Energizing Fragrance-free, this cream based on linseed gel and castor oil revitalizes the curls and provides shine and nutrition.

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