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Do You Already Know The Luxurious "Liquid Bob"?


Do you already have a bob hairstyle and want to be trendy with it in 2022? Then you should definitely remember the "Liquid Bob". You've definitely never seen the popular hairstyle so luxurious!

Do You Already Know The Luxurious "Liquid Bob"?
The trend hairstyle 2022 goes by the name "Liquid Bob".

Do You Already Know The Luxurious "Liquid Bob"?
We tell you the best styling tricks for a particularly luxurious look.

Whether with bangs or center parting, chin or shoulder length. The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts of all and of course it shouldn’t be missing in 2022 either. In addition to the bixie, curved bob, 70s bob, or micro bob, there is one variant that particularly appeals to us: the liquid bob! What defines the hairstyle trend 2022? A very specific detail that you don't even have to cut your hair for.

What makes the "Liquid Bob" special?

With this trend hairstyle, it is not the haircut that is in the foreground, but solely the care. The trendy hairstyle is therefore perfect for anyone who already wears a bob but wants to give it a hip AND luxurious update in just a few simple steps. As the name suggests, the "Liquid Bob" is all about a silky finish and lots of shine.

How is the "Liquid Bob" styled?

In order for the "Liquid Bob" to become a trendy hairstyle, it means to care, care, and more care! The shinier and silkier the bob looks, the better. So the popular undone look is taking a break for now. What is the best way to get the shine in the hair? For example with nourishing masks and hair treatments that smooth our hair structure. For example, the popular Nutritive Magistral Masque hair mask from Kérastase. A keratin treatment can also help to achieve the desired effect. A keratin treatment at the hairdresser makes the hair particularly silky, smooth, and even. The perfect basis for the popular "Liquid Bob".

Who does the "Liquid Bob" suit?

With the "Liquid Bob" you don't have to worry. Because the well-groomed look flatters everyone. However, if you prefer the undone look, we recommend that you slowly approach the silky structure.

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