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Volume At The Roots: This Helps With Flat Hair


Thin hair can quickly look flat, flat, and lifeless. Clearly: you don't feel like doing that. But what to do if you are not naturally blessed with full and strong hair? The answer to that lies in the causes of flat hair...

That's why you have flat hair - and that is what you can do about it

That's why you have flat hair - and that is what you can do about it | Volume at the roots: This helps with flat hair
Would you like your hair to be as beautifully voluminous as Negin Mirsalehi's?

Flat hair: these are the most common causes of this

It's because of the hair structure that makes it significantly more difficult (but not impossible) to make thin and fine hair look voluminous. In addition, thin hair greases faster, which makes it even more weighted. Volume doesn't stand a chance! By the way, the same applies to people with very oily hair, regardless of its structure.

After all, the wrong styling and care products such as conditioners, leave-in products, or hair oil can also contribute to your mane drooping dull and lifeless. Therefore, always pay attention to the wording (more on that later)!

The straightening iron can also be a real volume killer - especially if you use it directly at the roots. Better: Concentrate only on the lengths and tips when straightening (but don't use too much heat to avoid split ends and hair breakage).

This will give your hair more volume

You probably already know some of the most common tricks for more volume: Hacks such as teasing or dry shampoo, for example, have long since ceased to be a beauty secret. In addition, the right haircut can also create volume. Long bobs, curtain bangs, step cuts and the like usually look a bit fuller and flatter people with thin hair.

If you're not ready to cut your hair off just yet, you can also try experimenting with the position of your parting first. Wear it alternately on different sides so that the hair doesn't get used to always lying in the same place. This gives them a boost at the base.

Of course, there are also a lot of products that you can use to conjure up more volume in your hair. The now frowned upon mousse (which is completely unjustified) makes hair more grippy, for example, without weighing it down. There are also light-volume shampoos and conditioners that can help. However, we swear by the "Scalp Follicle Treatment" by John Masters.

This is a scalp spray that specifically targets the causes of flat hair. On the one hand, it regulates the sebum production of the scalp, which prevents greasy hair, while on the other hand, it strengthens the hair roots for more volume at the roots. Active ingredients such as red algae and thyme also help to revitalize the scalp.


This is how you apply the treatment for more volume and stronger hair roots

It is best to spray the "Scalp Follicle Treatment" from John Masters on the damp scalp after every hair wash. Do this part by part. Then you massage in the spray carefully. Important: Do not rinse, otherwise it will not work!

You can achieve even more volume if you then blow dry your hair with a round brush. The spray is activated by the heat, which gives your neck an extra lift.

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