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90S Trend: Is The Zigzag Parting Back?


Who would have thought? The zigzag part was spotted on Instagram and looks a lot better than we remembered. Find out here which top model caused the comeback of the 90s hairstyle.

90s Trend: Is The Zigzag Parting Back?

The fashion and make-up trends of the 90s keep coming through. It's not just fashion bloggers who revive one or the other shrill 90s look, the really big ones like Billie Eilish or Dua Lipa also seem to miss the 90s style: fishing hats, XXL plastic rings, colored hair, and now another hairstyle trend that we had thought goodbye to for a very, very long time.

The zigzag part was spotted on Instagram. And not with just anyone, but with the top model Bella Hadid. But does the zigzag part really have what it takes to become a new trend?

Bella Hadid shows herself with a zigzag parting

Hand on heart: Who of you used to part your hair in a zigzag and feel particularly trendy with the look? Bella Hadid seems to have felt the same way, which is why she decided to simply pull back the parting in lightning form. The model earned over 2 million likes for her Instagram post, on which she wears the zigzag part.

And we have to admit: The zigzag line on the head doesn't look quite as stupid as we remembered it. Bella wears the parting not all over the head, but only at the front of the hairline. In addition, she did not place it in the middle, but to the side.

Bella Hadid shows herself with a zigzag parting | 90s Trend: Is The Zigzag Parting Back?
Bella Hadid shows herself with a zigzag parting | 90s Trend: Is The Zigzag Parting Back?
Instagram: @bellahadid

Zig-zag parting: this is how you style it like Bella Hadid

If you like Bella Hadid's 90s hairstyling, you can easily imitate the hairstyle at home. All you need are a stick comb, a large hair clip (or, alternatively, a simple elastic band), and some hairspray or gel.

First, comb your hair straight back. If you have curly hair, you can loosen up your mane with just your fingers at the base and brush it backward. It's best to hold your hair together at the back of your head with one hand.

Now draw the zigzag line with the handle of your comb from front to back. Lay the strands of hair in the same direction after each drawn line. If you want the exact look of the top model, pull the lightning shape of the parting a little to the right or left.

When the zigzag part is done, the rest of the hair - also in the style of the 90s - can be attached to the back of the head with a large hair clip. Finally, smooth your hair nicely so that the trendy "sleek look" is created. So that no hairs stick out, we recommend fixing the hairstyle with a little hairspray.

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