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Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

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22 ingenious professional beauty hacks for XXL lips, express beach waves, and lipstick that lasts forever - that make you look good in every way!

Hello, Beauty Girl! With these super simple tips, you can achieve the best make-up, the most beautiful eyeliner, and the fastest manicure. You are welcome!

Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know! | Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

1. Cheat XXL lips

Eye creams with hyaluronic acid plump up crow's feet. And - tada - also your mouth! The pout gets even fuller with this trick on top: "After the foundation, apply a shimmering highlighter in light gold around the lip contour, pat it in, then brush it over with lipstick," advises Tom Pecheux, Creative Make-up Director at Estée Lauder.

2. Beach waves in no time at all

Braid all of your hair into four braids (two in front, two in back), then use a straightening iron to go over each braid. Let it cool, loosen the braids and knead in the salt spray for the texture. Complete!

3. This is how hairpins hold like a bomb

With this trick, bobby pins stay where they belong: before sticking them in your hair, briefly spray them with hairspray. And: Insert with the corrugated side down and the smooth side up.


4. Fake cheekbones

For razor-sharp facial features, apply blush in a nude shade (no bronzer!) That is two to three shades darker than the skin below the cheekbones. Nude blush does not have the orange undertone of bronzer and so imitates the 3-D look better.

5. Extend the perfume scent

"Spray on your favorite scent, then apply (unscented) body lotion. That fixes the scent and it doesn't go away as quickly," says perfumer Roja Dove.

6. SOS-Frize for Bad Hair Days

"Spray volume sprays on wet hair, blow-dry it and comb the hair with the right brush and tie it in a loose bun at the top of the head. Fix it with two urine pins and the spray. Let it take effect while you apply the make-up. Then loosen and Comb through your hair with your fingers. Voilà, mega-volume at the roots and gentle waves, "recommends Serge Normant, Sarah Jessica Parker's hairstylist.

7. Eyelash miracles

For Vavavoom eyes: Do not apply eyeliner on the lash line, but below it, on the water line on the upper eyelid. Indian ink. Makes the eyelashes look much thicker.

8. Get rid of puffy eyes

Prevents bags under the eyes and puffiness in the morning: use moisturizing eye drops before going to bed. This is because dry eye glands accumulate fluid that causes such swelling.

9. Plump complexion in 5 minutes

Faster and cheaper than Botox: wrap an ice cube in a tea towel and rub it over your face for three to five minutes. This stimulates blood circulation and lifts the skin in no time at all.

10. Ciao, herpes!

Conceals annoying cold sores: stick on herpes plaster, first dab on concealer with a cotton swab, then lipstick. If you are very susceptible, you can also use special drinking ampoules that inhibit the virus from the inside.


11. Smear-free smokey eyes

Really annoying when dark eyeshadow crumbs settle under the eye while applying makeup. Top trick: before you start with your make-up, put eye mask pads under your eyes. They can take effect while applying make-up (goodbye, dark circles!) And at the same time catch eyeshadow crumbs.

12. Pop pale nail polishes

Neon and pastel lacquers look mega in the bottle - the nails are often followed by an almost colorless disappointment. The problem: most of them are far too transparent. Trick: apply white nail polish as a base. It covers and lets colors shine through.

13. Help dry scalp

"Comb your hair with a natural bristle brush. This distributes the natural oils in the scalp better and provides skin and hair with moisture. It is also an extra peeling for the scalp," says star hairdresser Philip B.

14. Remove fake lashes without pulling

A quick steam bath: pour hot water into a saucepan, hold your face over it, cover your head with a towel. The steam loosens the glue and the false eyelashes can be easily peeled off.

15. Color flash for sensitive eyes

Does your eye area react irritably to smokey eyes and other make-up orgies? Then use eye shadow in earth tones! They have fewer color pigments and are therefore more compatible than dark or metallic shades.

16. This is how lipstick lasts forever

Dust some powder blush in the same shade over the lipstick. Top off with a layer of lip balm for an extra moisture boost. Smooch-proof too.

17. Wake-up call for the eyes

Instantly refreshes: Apply dark blue mascara to the upper lashes and plum-colored mascara to the lower. This makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter and the color of the eyes stronger.

18. Conjure up full brows

Not blessed with bushy Cara Delevigne growth? No problem! Semi-permanent brow gels contain small fibers that fill in the natural brow hairs. Best of all: They are waterproof and last up to 3 days.

19. Cleanly remove nail polish

The problem with dark and bright colors: When removed, they stick to cuticles, fingers, and elsewhere. Trick: Brush on nail oil on the edge of the nail before removing. The fat layer forms a barrier and prevents color stains.

20. Contouren in seconds

Put some liquid bronzer on the base of the thumb. Rub your thumbs against each other to distribute the bronzer. Press your thumbs under your cheekbones, blend. Bam!

21. Hide pimples

Eye drops for redness contract the blood vessels. That's why they help - bingo! - also against reddened pimples. Then dab a concealer stick with salicylic acid over it with a cotton swab. And bang, the thing is gone - at least visually.

22. Bring hair ties back into shape

Bun and ponytail stick with these little plastic spirals. Unfortunately, they wear out over time. Already knew? Heat makes them shrink again: Put a bowl of hot (not boiling!) Water in a bowl for a few minutes or blow-dry properly.

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