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Scalp Massage: Why And How To Perform It?


To have beautiful hair, we know shampoo, care, and detangling. But among the capillary beauty gestures, massages are often forgotten... A serious mistake because they reveal multiple benefits on the hair and the skin of the scalp. We explain why and how to massage your scalp.

Scalp Massage: Why And How To Perform It?

While many of us never skip shampoo day and accumulate hair care in our bathroom in the hope of sporting dream hair, there are still too few of us to know and put into practice. the virtues of scalp massages. On the same principle as the facial massage for the skin, the scalp massage is however a very useful treatment both for the beauty of your hair and for the comfort of your scalp. Explained through all the good reasons to adopt scalp massage in your hair routine.

Benefits of scalp massage

First effect and not the least, it reduces the tensions of the whole body and drives out stress (like all massages for that matter) because it is an area that brings together a lot of nerve endings that are able to act in the rest of the body. In addition to promoting general well-being by eliminating stress, scalp massage is beneficial on several levels for the hair.

The movements performed during the massage will first stimulate blood circulation, which will help deliver all the oxygen and all the nutrients and vitamins needed by the hair bulbs. Result: it not only helps us to have more beautiful, stronger, shinier, and healthy hair but also to promote growth or fight against hair loss if we are prone to it. Obviously, you will understand it, it is also a treatment that is, therefore, practical if your hair lacks vitality or is thinning because it is able to boost them before they become too fragile.

In fact, massaging your scalp is an anti-aging hair trick. After about forty-five years, the diameter of the hair tends to become thinner. It is therefore in your best interest to make it a beauty habit to keep beautiful, dense hair and resistant lengths.

Just like the skin on the face which can be sensitive, dehydrated, and uncomfortable, the scalp can also be dry and lack flexibility. The massage gestures then fall at the peak to distribute the sebum (which is a natural moisturizer for the epidermis), apply a treatment that compensates for skin dryness, and soften it in order to regain more comfort.

As the massage is always carried out accompanied by a special scalp treatment that is applied to the skull before the gesture, it will, as we have just said, be the opportunity to offer real treatment to the skin of the skull. The good news is that the heat generated by the massage will promote good penetration of the treatment, and therefore that of its active ingredients, which will maximize their beneficial effects on the skin and hair.

For who?

While this beauty ritual is particularly recommended for people who suffer from hair loss or have unhealthy strands, everyone can actually benefit from the benefits of this type of treatment. Just because your hair is in good condition doesn't mean you can't help it stay beautiful and healthy! In addition, massage, if it is used to tone scalps that work in slow motion, can also help calm the activity of those who produce too much sebum (provided you use this treatment wisely).

How to properly massage the scalp?

Rest assured, you don't have to be a professional hairdresser to massage your scalp! It is even possible to easily self-massage at home.

The only thing to keep in mind is that there is not one but two main ways to massage the scalp and that it is important to adopt the right gestures according to your personal needs so as not to over-stimulate yours (at the risk of worsening its condition if it is fatty).

Two types of massage to perform according to your needs:

Be careful not to use the wrong gesture if your scalp is oily because it could excite the sebaceous glands even more, and your hair will regain even more quickly.

No matter what type of massage is useful in your case, you should always do the same movement to massage yourself.

The right technique for massaging the scalp: with your fingertips, gently “lift-off” the scalp by making small circular movements and exerting light pressure with the pads of your fingers. Above all, do not rub your skin. Otherwise, beware of irritation and the formation of dandruff!

The massage should last between 3 and 5 minutes.


How often?

Like oil baths or scrubs on the scalp, scalp massages are good and effective if done regularly. In fact, giving yourself a head massage once a year is not going to work miracles!

The frequency to adopt depends more precisely on the condition of your hair and that of your scalp. If your hair is dry, damaged, and brittle, it can be pampered daily with this treatment lasting a few minutes. If you have oily hair, however, stick to a maximum of two massages per week. On the other hand, three scalp massages per week are authorized if you have no particular concerns.

Choosing the right oil for your scalp massage

As we told you previously, the massage is performed using a treatment, usually oil which can be a pure vegetable oil or a cocktail of essential oils and vegetable oils. It is important to choose an oil or a treatment adapted to your specific needs: a moisturizer if the skin of your scalp is dry, a sebum-regulating treatment if you have oily hair, a soothing treatment if you have a scalp. irritated...

The brands René Furterer and Moroccanoil, for example, offer specific oils according to each problem. Convenient so as not to go wrong!

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