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Snake Oil: The Product That Promises Dream Hair


There are many natural treatments that pamper our hair. But do you know about snake oil? Composed of several vegetable oils, it is one of the best for treating our hair. Zoom on its benefits.

Have you ever heard of Hemani brand Zait AL Hayee snake oil? No? Well let us reassure you immediately: it has absolutely nothing to do with the crawling animal that we all know. In fact, its name is misleading since it is 100% vegetable and natural. But why this name then? Snake oil refers to Medusa's hair that became snakes in Greek mythology.

Snake oil: The product that promises dream hair

Snake oil offered in particular by Hemani, sometimes also called cobra oil, is a mixture of 8 different ingredients and therefore incorporates castor oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, olive oil, bay leaves, Himalayan spikenard, tiger nut oil, dyers' orcanette, as well as white sandalwood oil. A rich and well-thought-out composition that allows us to do real wonders, especially for the beauty and health of our hair. Zoom on its main benefits.

Zait AL Hayee Snake Oil Makes Hair Grow Faster

As you probably know, castor oil and mustard oil are oils known to make hair grow faster. Two vegetable oils that we find precisely in the famous Hemani oil. So, if you dream of long hair, do not hesitate to perform, once a week, a scalp massage with this hair care, just before your shampoo! You will be able to quickly see the results.

Cobra oil fights hair loss

It is not always easy to find good treatments (and maybe even more natural solutions) to fight against hair loss. If you are prone to this problem, we recommend that you try incorporating Zait AL Hayee Snake Oil into your hair care routine. This is used to limit and prevent hair loss, especially thanks to the mustard oil and bay leaves that this hair care contains. Another good reason to treat yourself to a self-massage of the skull with this 100% natural solution, once a week, before shampooing!

It limits the appearance of dandruff

By performing, before your shampoo, this scalp massage once a week with the famous Hemani oil, you will also be able to fight against dandruff. Finished the small white scales at the level of the hair. This natural hair care is an excellent solution to finally get rid of it!

Zait AL Hayee Oil treats damaged hair

Enriched with several vegetable oils such as castor oil, olive oil, tiger nuts oil, or even white sandalwood oil, this Hemani hair treatment is particularly suitable for damaged, dry, and/or damaged hair. or dehydrated. Snake oil promises to both deeply nourish the fiber, soften it, revitalize it, and it also prevents dehydration.


Snake oil enhances dull hair

In short, Zait AL Hayee Snake Oil makes our hair healthier, but also more beautiful; since like all vegetable oils that can be applied to our lengths and ends, snake oil brings a nice shine and a beautiful shine to dull hair. For sublimated hair, each morning, heat 2 or 3 drops of snake oil between your hands, and style your lengths with your fingertips. To you the hair of your dreams!

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