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Protein Shakes: 3 Delicious &Amp; Healthy Recipes For Regeneration After A Workout

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Make protein shakes yourself - it's easy with these 3 recipes!

Protein shakes: 3 delicious & healthy recipes for regeneration after a workout

If you've been expanding your workout in 2021 (or even since the coronavirus outbreak), you may also want to consider adding more protein to your diet accordingly. While getting more protein from your diet - i.e. lean meat like pork, poultry, eggs, or legumes - is always a good idea, a homemade protein shake can sometimes be not only faster and easier but also tastier.

Protein shakes provide the body with sufficient nutrients after training

"Right now, your home workout is probably the highlight of your day," says Erika Tamayo, founder of HERMOSA, a clean (and delicious) protein powder used in Barry's Bootcamp Studios around the world. "But do you get the right nutrients after your workout? As you workout, you tear your muscles apart, and protein helps repair them. By increasing your protein intake after your workout, your body becomes more efficient, you increase your ability to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. " According to Erika Tamayo, increasing protein intake can help the body tighten up faster, but it can also help you recover faster after exercising.

3 protein shake recipes for re-mixing



The classic: peanut butter & banana

Pineapple and mango cream

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