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What Is A Big Chop And How Do You Do It?


Whatever the reasons, do you want to get off to a good start in terms of hair? This article is made for you. Here we are talking about the big chop.

Big chop: this radical process to regain good hair quality

Whether you are in the midst of a hair transition to natural or just considering it, you must have heard of big chop before. So what is this process that promises to work miracles? This is precisely one of the questions we answer in this article. If your hair is curly, frizzy, or frizzy in nature, but more importantly: damaged, relaxed, or chemically treated in any way, this method, while radical, may well interest you. Here, we reveal everything you need to know to successfully return to the natural world. This hair project like no other has already won over many people, so why not you? Thanks to the big chop: leave on a healthy basis, your dream hair!

What is the big chop?

Just translating the phrase "big chop" already helps you understand a little better what it means. Big as big, chop as a haircut: this method actually involves getting rid of any lengths of damaged and/or denatured hair with the help of good scissors! You will understand: with the big chop, it is therefore not necessary to be cold in the eyes… This technique remains one of the most effective and fast to find a good quality of hair. Do you want to put a definitive stop on chemicals, regain your curls, start afresh on a healthy basis? The big chop has it all.

Indeed, whatever your motivation, if your ambition is to change your hair habits, the best thing to do is to separate yourself from what will only remind you of that time when you had a very different conception of the hair routine. ideal.

Is the big chop really essential?

If you are particularly keen on your length, we fully understand that the very idea of ​​doing a big chop can make you dizzy! Rest assured: a much more gradual transition to naturalness is also possible. To do this, all you have to do is let your hair grow, cutting a few centimeters of tips very regularly until all the damaged/denatured part ends up completely disappearing. Much less radical, this technique will allow you to preserve maximum length, while successfully completing your transition to naturalness. However, if many still prefer the big chop to him, it is not without reason: already, it is not easy to have to manage two different hair textures (natural roots and relaxed, damaged lengths. , dry or brittle). Then, you are certainly eager to discover your natural hair, to start this new hair adventure, and to see the results as soon as possible: for this, getting rid of your lengths is the best option. The big chop will also allow you to grasp this new kind of hair much more quickly, to determine exactly what suits it and what not. Who knows, you might even end up loving the short on yourself? (The wash'n go? Your future new passion!)

Big chop: a decision not to be taken lightly

While big chop has many advantages, it is important not to overlook its disadvantages and to be aware of them before taking the plunge. We were telling you, this is a radical decision: there will be no turning back after you cut. The first step is to prepare yourself psychologically for the idea of ​​having much shorter hair. It may take a long time to adjust before you really feel comfortable. Then, the number of hairstyles that can be done on your hair will necessarily be much smaller ... Fortunately, hair accessories are particularly trendy at the moment and will allow you to vary styles! Finally, know that this sudden change will not necessarily be well received by those around you. So you need to prepare yourself not only to hear but also to respond to negative comments. Above all, remember: it's all about your hair, you are the only decision-maker, don't let anyone make you doubt that! The main thing is to know why you do it, want it, and take it on

Big chop: a decision not to be taken lightly | What is a big chop and how do you do it?

Big chop: a decision not to be taken lightly | What is a big chop and how do you do it?

Big chop: a decision not to be taken lightly | What is a big chop and how do you do it?
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How to do a big chop?

In order to do the big chop, you have two options: you can either do it yourself or trust the skills of a professional hairdresser. For each of these two cases, there are advantages, as well as disadvantages.

If you choose to go to the hairdresser, know that leaving it to expert hands will greatly facilitate your task! With visibility over your entire hair, there is much less chance that certain strands of hair will be missed. The result will be even sharper and the cut will certainly be worked to highlight your features. However, since you are not in control, there are also chances that you will not be fully satisfied with it. Another drawback: of course, it will cost you more than at home.

If you decide to do this at home, expect the task to be long and tedious, and don't be afraid of your arms being sore! If it doesn't have to be perfect the first time (especially at the back of the head), at least you have mastered the cut from A to Z and can go at your own pace. And why not get help from someone around you for areas where you lack visibility?

Tutorial: the homemade big chop

The Materials: You're going to need a spray bottle filled with water, a wide-toothed comb, several hair clips, but most importantly, a good pair of professional hairdressing scissors.

The method: we recommend that you do your big chop on clean, damp hair. This is where you will most easily differentiate the part that needs to be cut from the part that remains natural and healthy. You can then separate your hair into four distinct parts: use the comb and tongs to prevent your hair from tangling.

You will then just have to detach one, comb it, then select small strands and cut at the boundary, where the natural hair deteriorates. Do this until the first part is finished, make sure to cut almost always the same amount of hair so that there are not too many differences between the lengths (use rubber bands if the task seems too complicated). Then repeat the operation for the other three parts of the hair. If you are alone, we recommend that you use a second mirror for the back of your head.

Please note: this cutting technique can only be done on frizzy, very curly, or frizzy hair, in which a more rough-cut will go unnoticed. Second point: be aware that hair of this type tends to shrink, in other words, it shortens when curling. This means that even if you end up cutting very short in length, your hair is likely to come up a lot more than you expected. If that can reassure you: shrinkage testifies to the good health of the hair!

Maintain your hair after a big chop

Although your hair is now shorter and more natural, you will need to do everything right from the start to take care of it and adopt a new, best-suited routine. Hydration, various care, protection… Your hair is more than ever ready to benefit from what you will provide to it.

However, be aware that right after the big chop, there is a chance that they will temporarily change texture: harder to the touch, drier ... Like you, your hair will need a little time to adapt. On average, it can take anywhere from two weeks to a month for your hair to return to normal and your natural curls to begin to show their full potential. You will therefore have to be patient - and even more if you want to find a beautiful length - but, be sure: (re) discovering your hair in good health and being able to follow its evolution from day to day will only be able to give you great satisfaction!

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