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Birkin Bangs Is The Haircut For Spring


You should wear this hairstyle trend inspired by style icon Jane Birkin in spring 2022.

Her song "Je t'aime ... moi non plus" was boycotted by the Vatican, in front of the camera she played a couple with Brigitte Bardot and one of the most famous handbags ever bears her name: Jane Birkin was a singer at the side in the 1960s known by musician Serge Gainsbourg, became a celebrated actress and still inspires today with her wonderfully effortless style, which perfectly reflects the nonchalance of the French: No wonder that the French fashion house Hermès dedicated its legendary "Birkin Bag" to the style icon. But it's not just the luxurious accessory that pays homage to the British-French actress: Jane Birkin also inspired the latest hairstyle trend for spring 2022. We explain what characterizes the so-called Birkin Bangs and why the pony hairstyle is now part of your hair stylish update.

Birkin Bangs is The Haircut for Spring
Inspired by Jane Birkin, Birkin Bangs are the wonderfully effortless hairstyle trend for spring 2022.

Birkin Bangs is The Haircut for Spring
The English-French actress and singer Jane Birkin is still considered a style icon today.

Birkin Bangs: This hairstyle trend is inspired by style icon Jane Birkin

Bangs have been celebrating a comeback for some time now - and in spring 2022 this hairstyle trend will be entering a new round. Forehead fringes give a haircut (regardless of whether it is short bangs or long layers!) a quick trend update and ensure a fresh look without having to change the entire hairstyle. In addition to the universally popular curtain bangs (excessively long bangs that are parted in the middle and combed out of the side of the face), there are also a number of new pony hairstyles that will be trending in 2022. The best example is Birkin Bangs.

As the name suggests, the inspiration for the new hairstyle trend is the British-French actress and singer Jane Birkin, who always wore bangs in the 1960s and 1970s. And that is exactly the template for the new pony style called Birkin Bangs. The base is formed by straight fringes that reach the eyelashes. However, the bangs should not look too accurate, but rather feathery and fall slightly on the forehead. The hair can therefore be thinned out slightly so that it looks a little frayed.

Birkin Bangs: This hairstyle trend is inspired by style icon Jane Birkin | Birkin Bangs is The Haircut for Spring
Birkin Bangs fall casually on the forehead and are characterized by a straight cut.

Hairstyle trend: How to wear Birkin Bangs in spring 2022?

Birkin Bangs look elegant yet effortless — so there's no need to blow-dry the bangs to perfection or set them with excess hairspray. The fringe looks much nicer when it falls naturally and is a little untidy on the forehead. For a typical Jane Birkin look, however, you can straighten dry hair and briefly blow-dry the ends over the round brush so that they fall slightly inwards. That's all it takes for the new hairstyle trend. Incidentally, it harmonizes particularly well with medium-length haircuts such as the lob and collarbone cut, as well as with long hair that is cut in a blunt style or slightly layered.

This is what Birkin Bangs looks like today:

Hairstyle trend: How to wear Birkin Bangs in spring 2022? | Birkin Bangs is The Haircut for Spring
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