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Soft Mullet By Kaia Gerber Is So Cool!


Soft Mullet: We'll be taking a look at this hairstyle trend from supermodel Kaia Gerber in spring 2022.

Whether you call it mullet, shag, or simply mullet, the short-front, a long-back haircut is a real legend, worn by icons like David Bowie, Keith Richards, Nena, or George in the 70s and 80s Michael was worn and thus immortalized itself as a rock hairstyle trend. For Spring 2022, a new movement revolving around fringed and layered haircuts is revitalizing the retro look of yesteryear – and suddenly making the mullet a modern hairstyle favorite. However, if you don't like it quite so fringed, you can now be inspired by Kaia Gerber: The supermodel wears the somewhat more reserved soft mullet variant and thus sets a new hairstyle trend. We explain what distinguishes it and who it suits particularly well.

Soft Mullet by Kaia Gerber is So Cool!
Supermodel Kaia Gerber is already wearing it – the soft mullet hairstyle trend.

Soft Mullet by Kaia Gerber is So Cool!
Soft Mullet by Kaia Gerber is So Cool!
Instagram: @kaiagerber

Hairstyle trend for spring 2022: We're taking a look at Kaia Gerber's soft mullet

Kaia Gerber not only inherited supermodel mom Cindy Crawford's good genes but also her sense of style. Because the up-and-coming model has long since become a fashion icon and, above all, inspires with her constantly changing hair colors and hairstyle trends. Kaia Gerber is currently wearing a soft version of the mullet, which makes the rocking layered haircut a little more socially acceptable and brings the retro hairstyle right into the year 2022.

But let's start at the beginning: The classic mullet is characterized by several layers, whereby the hair around the crown and on the forehead is cut short (including fringe) and in the area of ​​the ears it is frayed. On the other hand, the hair is longer at the nape of the neck but is usually worn very thin in order to underline the typical rock mullet look. But it doesn't have to be quite as extreme as Kaia Gerber's new soft mullet version proves.

This is characterized by the classic difference in length of the front and rear hair sections - the transitions appear less fringed and are created by almost invisible, soft layers. The hairstyle trend is a lot more subtle and will be given a soft and elegant character in spring 2022.

Hairstyle trend for spring 2022: We're taking a look at Kaia Gerber's soft mullet | Soft Mullet by Kaia Gerber is So Cool!
Hairstyle trend for spring 2022: We're taking a look at Kaia Gerber's soft mullet | Soft Mullet by Kaia Gerber is So Cool!
Instagram: @kaiagerber

Soft Mullet: who is the new hairstyle trend for spring 2022?

The soft mullet flatters every face shape but is particularly advantageous for round faces. Because the haircut creates optical length with the "short in front, long in back" formula and makes round faces appear a little narrower. The casual fringe (which is essential for this haircut!) also conceals a high forehead.

At the same time, the hairstyle trend in spring 2022 works with every hair structure. Thick hair can be thinned out a little with the gentle steps, while fine hair automatically looks fuller thanks to the layering effect. And the soft mullet also looks great with natural waves or curls, because it works best with a soft texture and an effortlessly tousled finish. You can therefore do without a hairdryer and straightening iron because this haircut is best dried in the air and shaped with a texturizing spray.

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