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Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?


Yoga may be good for some things, posture, core muscles, inner peace. But can gentle gymnastics really smooth out wrinkles and effectively counteract skin aging? Yes, it can, the experts agree. The prerequisites for the visible success of this so-called face yoga are (as with the classic full-body variant): Discipline, consistency, and perseverance. This is especially true with regard to the regularity of the training units because if you want to visibly rejuvenate your face after a Botox injection, you have to use the exercises daily and over a longer period of time.

Can face yoga really replace botox? Yes, say experts!

Can face yoga really replace botox? Yes, say experts! | Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?

An Effective Anti-Aging Trend? According to experts, daily face yoga is said to be effective in smoothing out wrinkles.

Beauty trend: Face yoga as an anti-aging weapon

As the name suggests, Face Yoga is a special workout for the facial muscles, which aims to train the deep muscles, improve blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the tissue and effectively counteract the breakdown of volume, adipose tissue, and bone substance (which occurs in the course of the natural aging process). Also, because the slowed production of collagen and elastin has an effect on the elasticity of the connective tissue, the facial contours visibly slacken over time. Not to mention the lifelong gravity pulling on the tissue!

"Face Yoga is a form of beauty gymnastics that specifically stimulates, strengthens, relaxes and lifts the facial muscles - and in this way has a lasting rejuvenating effect", reports Adie Robertson, Face Yoga expert and founder of the Wellness & Yoga Spa To Wonderland, in an interview with Australian Marie Claire. Because the face workout deeply improves the moisture and oxygen supply to the cells, boosts collagen and elastin production, and at the same time stimulates important detoxification processes, face yoga is so effective, adds the expert.

Beauty trend: Face yoga as an anti-aging weapon | Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?

Instagram: @adierobertson___

In 2018, a scientific study by Northwestern University was able to prove that face yoga is an effective anti-aging alternative to lifting and injections: a total of 27 participants between the ages of 40 and 65 should do 30 minutes of intensive face yoga daily for eight weeks do. Dermatologists were then able to determine effective rejuvenation of the skin and tissue. "One thing is to strengthen the micro-musculature, the other is measurably more volume and better elasticity," says Dr. Murad Alam, the head of the investigation.

What exactly does Face Yoga do?

Expression wrinkles and swollen areas (around the eyes, for example) are smoothed and tightened, the facial contours and the chin-jaw line appear to have been lifted and modeled from the inside. The more regular and disciplined the exercises are performed, the more visible the result will be over time.

Tip: Use a valuable skin oil or anti-aging serum to help, such as the new "Orchidée Impériale Micro-Lift Concentrate" from Guerlain or the "Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil" from Uma Oils, always (!) With the palm of your hand Starting from the center of the face, stroke outwards and upwards, never the other way around.

What exactly does Face Yoga do? | Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?

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Face Yoga for beginners: 3 exercises

These three exercises make it easier to get started with a continuous face yoga workout and immediately ensure more alert facial features. Hold each position for 30 seconds, then relax and repeat 3 or more times (at least). So, sit (or stand) upright and try it out!

1. For the eye area

Extend your arms horizontally to the sides, then bend them; the elbows point outwards and the hands towards the forehead. Now grasp your forehead and top of your head with your palms! To do this, place the wrist on the left and right at the outer corner of the eye so that the palms of the hands rest over the outer end of the eyebrows and the fingertips (almost) on top of the crown of the head. Now press your palms onto your temples with gentle pressure and then gently pull them backward and upwards, then let go again. In the next step, place your fingers between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose and massage gently in circular movements towards the temple.

1. For the eye area | Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?

Instagram: @guerlain

2. For the mouth area

Say a long, clear “O” while straightening your chin and mouth as much as possible. First, deliberately roll the lips inwards over the teeth, then (in extension) outwards towards the cheeks, as if you were smiling. Relax for a moment, then repeat three times. Tip: Make sure that you only make both movements with the lower half of your face, the eye area remains stationary.

3. For the jaw line

Smile, open your mouth slightly and say a long, clear "A". Roll the lower lip inward over the teeth (the upper lip remains as relaxed as possible) and pull inward with force. In addition, place the palms of the hands-on the left and right corners of the mouth and pull outward in short, energetic movements. Keep your lower lip in the curled position as best you can and work against it. Relax and loosen your mouth and jaw. Then try again.

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