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7 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Brushing Their Hair


Is your hair dull, breaking, or getting damaged quickly? You may be making one of these mistakes while brushing them off.

7 mistakes everyone makes when brushing their hair

For many of us, combing our hair is a daily routine that we do without really paying attention. We use our hairbrush several times a day without realizing it or focusing on this mundane task. A bad habit which, however, would not be without consequences on the quality of our hair and in particular the beauty of our ends. We are going to show you the most common mistakes you make with your brush or comb.

Mistake 1 - Using a dirty hairbrush or comb

Be honest: when was the last time you washed your hairbrush or even changed it? Most people make the mistake of using their hairbrushes for too long.

First of all, the hairbrushes should be cleaned regularly (once a month if you are just detangling them, weekly if you are using leave-in care) in order to remove dandruff, hair, or care residue. . On the other hand, inferior hairbrushes whose plastic bristles have been used for too long can damage the hair, that is, when the bristles break or become rough. In general, you shouldn't keep your hairbrush for more than a year or two.

It is worth investing in a quality hairbrush because it will last much longer.

Mistake 2 - brushing your hair too infrequently

To keep your hair shiny and healthy, it is advisable to comb or brush it every day at least once, but respecting all the precautions given above. If, on the other hand, your hair is curly or frizzy, brushing with each shampoo will be more than enough.

Mistake 3 - Brushing your hair from root to tip

Most people comb their hair or brush their hair and pull their hair frantically from root to tip. A gesture to abandon as soon as possible if you want to keep beautiful hair. Why? Because it can cause fiber breakage, especially if there are knots, and cause split ends. Plus, there's nothing worse than pulling out dozens of hairs with every brushing.

Our advice for a perfect gesture: always comb the ends of your hair first, and detangle them carefully. Remember to hold your hair firmly with your hand not holding the brush to prevent the hair from coming out. After combing the ends perfectly, you can now brush the mid-length in the same way, and so on until you reach the roots. Once all the knots are removed, you can brush your hair from root to tip to oxygenate your scalp and get a little more volume naturally.


Mistake 4 - Brushing your hair with force

Mistake 4 - Brushing your hair with force | 7 mistakes everyone makes when brushing their hair

Violence is never a solution, and it is even more valid when combing your hair. If you want to get rid of tangles or tangled strands, you don't have to go after your hair with an unsuitable comb or brush (we say goodbye to low-end plastic brushes that break fibers as soon as possible). It would only break them or rip them off completely.

Better to proceed slowly and take the time to untangle the strands one after the other. Hold the section of hair you are combing at the root. This will prevent too much tension from building up in the hair and weakening it.

Mistake 5 - Combing your hair when it's wet

Many of us comb our hair right after a shower when it is still wet. You are thus committing another hair loss which is truly fatal. Most of us are unaware that this daily routine can cause permanent damage to our hair.

This is because hair is much more sensitive when it is wet because water causes it to swell. In addition, with heat, the skin of the scalp softens and makes the hair more likely to be pulled out. If your hair gets tangled after washing and then you pull it out with a comb or brush, you're going to mess it up and sacrifice some nice strands in the process. You should first allow your hair to air dry before brushing it. If you have no choice, use the hairdryer.

Note: you can brush them when they are wrung out, as long as you apply a treatment that will facilitate disentangling. After applying it, you can detangle ends and lengths gently.

However, our advice is different for people with wavy, very curly, or frizzy hair, where the opposite is true. Ideally, you should avoid combing dry frizzy hair, as this will break the curls which will become foamy and unsightly, but also damage the fibers. Your best bet is to untangle them on the days you wash them. Once the shampoo is done, take advantage of the conditioner or mask step to detangle them safely using a wide-toothed comb or a brush with airy and very flexible bristles.

Mistake 6 - The round brush that gets tangled in the hair

If you ever style your hair with a round brush, you have probably had this experience: the round brush suddenly gets stuck in your hair and nothing works. The horror! But why is the round brush tangling between your strands? There are several reasons for this:

  1. The brush is too small for the length of your hair. This increases the risk of your hair getting tangled.
  2. You haven't divided your hair into parts. This can result in too much hair getting tangled in the brush.
  3. The hairbrush is of poor quality and has rough plastic bristles. The hair gets stuck in it quickly. If you want to keep a round brush format then be sure to use one that is of good quality.

Error 7 - Using the wrong brush

Speaking of high-quality brushes: a lot of people go for inexpensive brushes thinking that it won't change their brushing. The problem is, it can damage your hair in the long run.

Brushes with natural bristles, for example, are softer than brushes with plastic bristles and are therefore suitable for fine, damaged hair. Another advantage of brushes with natural bristles: they absorb sebum from the scalp and distribute it evenly over the lengths and ends. This layer of natural fat gives a nice shine and acts as a protective film that keeps the hair healthy. If you have curly or frizzy hair, it's best to avoid brushes and instead use a wide-tooth comb, which separates and defines the curls as best they can. Another possibility is to use a hairbrush with soft spikes, which effectively massage the scalp for more vigorous and healthy hair, without damaging the lengths.

If you have curly or frizzy hair, it's best to avoid brushes and use a wide-tooth comb instead. It separates and defines the curls as well as possible.

The mistake not to make once your hair is properly brushed: using the wrong device

Now that you take all the precautions when brushing to keep your hair looking beautiful, it would be a shame to ruin everything by choosing the wrong drying or styling device. For example, to be effective, a hairdryer should have several setting options for temperature and airflow suited to the nature of the hair. To take care of your hair, it is also crucial to use a hairdryer with a drying nozzle placed on the device so that the airflow is controlled and the fibers are not in direct contact with it. the heat coming out of the engine. Finally, it is important to clean your filter regularly so that the engine does not get damaged and that the drying is fast and efficient.

The mistake not to make once your hair is properly brushed: using the wrong device | 7 mistakes everyone makes when brushing their hair

On the smoothing side, opt for a clever model, which takes care of your lengths with each use. For example, the Dyson Corrale ™ straightener from Dyson is a cordless model on which you can choose the temperature between 165 and 210 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can adapt the heat to your hair type (the thicker and/or curly they are, the higher the temperature should be). In addition, its manganese and copper alloy plates are flexible, thanks to micro-articulations, and allow the hair of the same strand to be brought together to apply perfectly even heat to it and limit the number of passes with the plates on each one. between them. So less heat means half the damage to the fibers. Here's how to best use a device that suits your hair needs, not the other way around. This device not only straightens the hair but is also perfect for giving movement to the hair with waves or curls.

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