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How To Prepare Your Hair For Your Hair Appointment?


For a perfect result after the visit to the hairdresser, not only clear communication is required, but the hair should also be perfectly prepared before the appointment. You can find out what is important here.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Your Hair Appointment?
You should consider these tips before visiting the hairdresser.

Is anything important about the new hairstyle happening in the salon? Not quite. Because, in addition to the fact that you should give some thought to your new hairstyle beforehand, according to hair professionals, the right preparation of the hair for the visit should not be neglected.

Wash? Yes, please!

A misconception that persists is that you shouldn't wash your hair the day before going to the hairdresser. On the contrary, most hairdressers are very grateful when they have fresh hair as a basis. Understandable, right? After all, you brush your teeth in front of the dentist. Of course, it is advisable not to style the hair in front of the hairdresser or to burden it with products. But actually, it can be helpful to see the hair in its everyday look to be able to judge what suits your type.

Do not use shampoos with colored particles

Speaking of washing your hair: If you want to have your hair colored, silver shampoo or color-enhancing shampoos are taboo two weeks before going to the hairdresser. Otherwise, the colorist would not be able to tell from the color particles exactly how intensively he has to mix the color, explains Tom Smith, hairdresser and creative director at Evo Hair. The result may then be weaker than desired because the original hair color was distorted by the toners.

Intensive hair care

How healthy the hair is decided which wishes can really be implemented by the hairdresser. That is why it is advisable – in addition to regular appropriate hair care – to treat the hair with a comprehensive treatment one week before going to the hairdresser, especially if the structure is dry.


Deep cleaning

Smith also recommends using a deep-cleansing shampoo a week before going to the hairdresser to remove any deposits that could lead to poor adhesion or false color results, especially when applying color. Even if you live in an area with very hard water or frequently swim in chlorinated water, this is important to create a clean base for coloration.

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