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Greasy Roots, Dry Tips: That Helps!


Your scalp greases extremely quickly, the ends of the hair are brittle. What can be done about it? We show the best products and ingenious last minute hairstyle savers.

Greasy Roots, Dry Tips: That Helps!

Oily roots, dry ends, or straw hair - your hair has needs just like your skin and needs to be cared for! Finding the right balance for your hair can take a while. The only thing that usually helps is: Try it out! Various shampoos or other care products can help - we have tips for you on how to keep your fat and fluid balance in balance and how to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Which shampoo helps with greasy roots and dry tips?

Oily roots, dry tips? Shampoos that reduce sebum production through ingredients such as z. B. regulate seaweed, rosemary, sage, or healing earth. If you wash your hair daily, you should use a mild shampoo without lipid replenishing substances (e.g. silicone).

A gentle wash cycle is also crucial for beautiful and healthy hair: shampoo only once per wash and dilute the shampoo leak with plenty of water beforehand.

When washing your hair, make sure that the water is not too warm and that you only massage the scalp gently. Otherwise, the production of the sebum glands is additionally stimulated. In the case of very dry tips, it is sufficient to distribute the shampoo only in the approaches.

Dry ends of hair: that helps!

We recommend using an oil-based care product against dry tips, as this provides your hair with sufficient fluid. However, avoid excessive hair care - too many different and frequently changing care products put a strain on your hair.

The same goes for too frequent blow-drying or working on the hair with straightening irons and curling irons. Too much sun is not a good thing either. It is better to put on a hat and protect your hair from UV rays.

The last minute tip? Dry shampoo!

Dry shampoo makes the hair look freshly washed in less than 30 seconds: Simply spray on the greasy roots and brush the hair vigorously. Removes grease without water, provides grip, plenty of volumes, and brings a shimmer to dull, brittle tips.

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