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Cellulite Treatment: Top Model Miranda Kerr Swears By This Method


Even Hollywood stars and top models suffer from the dents on their legs and buttocks. Miranda Kerr now revealed her personal beauty secret against cellulite.

Cellulite Treatment: Top Model Miranda Kerr Swears By This Method
Top model Miranda Kerr knows how to keep her legs taut and flawless.

Cellulite Treatment: Top Model Miranda Kerr Swears By This Method
She reveals that she combats cellulite with the drybrush method.

Cellulite is quite normal - almost every woman knows the dents on the legs or buttocks. And yet we would like to see smoother skin in these areas. Miranda Kerr (38) comes in handy with her tip! The supermodel reveals how she has been successfully combating orange peel for years.

Cellulite Treatment: Top Model Miranda Kerr Swears By This Method

Anti-cellulite: this is Miranda Kerr's beauty secret

Top model Miranda Kerr has been fighting her cellulite for years with the brush method, as she now revealed in an interview with “People” magazine. In the so-called "dry body brushing", gentle massages of the skin are used to indirectly stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. This supports detoxification and is therefore an effective method against cellulite or water retention. In addition, the gentle massage removes dead skin and small bumps and thus acts as a peeling for skin that is soft to the touch.

Dry brushing for cellulite: instructions

The massage with the dry brush should ideally take place in the morning before the shower, as the circulation is also stimulated. Use the dry brush from bottom to top to ideally activate the lymph flow. Start on the right foot and work your legs up from there in gentle, circular movements. Don't press too hard - slight redness is fine, but the massage shouldn't cause painful areas.

First work the front, then the back, and finally the inside and outside. Then massage your hips and buttocks. Then, to get all of the lymph flow going, continue with your arms, stomach, chest, and shoulders as well. Avoid irritated areas of the skin and sensitive areas of the body.

Which brush is suitable for anti-cellulite massage?

The bristles should be soft and of good quality so as not to cause skin irritation. Choose a brush with natural fibers for this. By the way, they shouldn't get wet!

If you are not so into brushing or have very sensitive skin, you can use a similar method: A massage with a jade roller also has a lymphatic drainage effect, relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism thus keeps the connective tissue taut. The same direction applies from bottom to top - but you can also use a nourishing body oil or body lotion.

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