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According To The Hairdresser: Which Hairstyles Flatter Women Over 40


Have you arrived at the over 40s club? We asked a hairdresser which hairstyles flatter women over 40 and which ones they should refrain from...

According To The Hairdresser: Which Hairstyles Flatter Women Over 40
Diane Kruger is 45 years old and looks better than ever. That is certainly also due to her great hairstyle...

Have you already arrived at the over 40s club? What a great age, right? The uncertainties of the 20s are over and so is the hectic pace of the 30s.

Visually, women in their 40s (contrary to what the media would often lead you to believe) can easily keep up with their late twenties. The two small wrinkles around the eyes are no longer significant. Wrinkles also represent a certain life experience and maturity - that gives you a beautiful charisma that your mid-twenties envy.

So what is much more important than young skin? Sure, the right haircut. Because hair changes in the course of life. The right hair color and the cut are crucial for a fresh appearance, says hairdresser and color expert Julia Kratz, Creative Director at the Pony Club in Munich. There are also some things that we shouldn't do after 40. You can read here what these are and why.

Top tips from a hairdresser: Hairstyles that women over 40 should avoid - and which flatter them

1. Hairstyle tip for women over 40: Go for shortcuts

The older we get, the thinner our hair - unfortunately, that's the way it is. That is why Julia Kratz advises against long hair. Depending on the hair type, they can otherwise look unhealthy and broken, which makes us look older.

This also applies to extreme step cuts, which also thin out the head of hair and are therefore not an advantage. Especially with gray hair, the lengths look neglected very quickly: "The structure of gray hair is very restless, the hair likes to stick out from the head like little antennae," explains the professional.

Better: A cool short hairstyle. Short hair looks thicker and therefore healthier. That makes you younger. Even the first gray hairs look cooler with an accurate and short haircut.

2. Hairstyle tip for women over 40: When it comes to hair color, go for lighter shades

The following applies here: the darker the color, the older you look. This is because the contrast with the skin is increased and wrinkles become more prominent.

Another disadvantage: after just a few weeks, the beginning can be recognized again, which is why you have to constantly re-dye. Julia Kratz, therefore, recommends not coloring your hair darker than medium brown.

Finally, Julia Kratz has another tip for everyone who likes to wear their gray hair confidently: For example, UV rays or nicotine can give white hair a yellow tinge that looks ugly. What helps against it: cool glossing.

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