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Diet: How The Combination Of Apple And Cinnamon Should Help You Lose Weight

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From apple-cinnamon-water to Bircher muesli: this combination helps you lose weight effectively - and supports your diet.

Apple and cinnamon are parts of winter like gingerbread and chocolate - at least when you think of traditional Christmas cookies and steaming, warm desserts such as baked apples or apple strudel. It should be clear to everyone that all of this has little to do with detoxification and weight loss. The situation is completely different, however, as soon as you use the ingredients apple and cinnamon in their market-fresh and pure form. Because then they can fully develop their metabolism-stimulating, detoxifying properties and very effectively contribute to the success of a diet. Details and recipe ideas are below.

Diet: How The Combination Of Apple And Cinnamon Should Help You Lose Weight
Ideal for losing weight: detox water with apple and cinnamon.

Diet-food combination: This is why apple and cinnamon are ideal for losing weight

Bite the bullet from time to time...

Sour fruits are rich in vitamins and also low in calories. Specifically, apple varieties such as Boskop, Braeburn, Elstar, Gloster, and Granny Smith are considered ideal diet and vital foods. Because their particularly high proportion of vitamin C not only strengthens the immune defense and supports cell regeneration, at the same time important metabolic processes are boosted, above all the detoxification and dehydration of cells and tissue as well as fat burning. The pectin contained in the acidic pulp and juice also acts as a natural appetite suppressant and acts as a digestive fiber.

Why cinnamon doesn't only make sense in Christmas cookies?

Oriental spices such as turmeric, coriander, and cinnamon are proven natural remedies and are a central part of Ayurvedic healing methods. It's not just about the proven stimulating effect. Cinnamon, for example, also supplies the body with minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, and important B vitamins, acts (like the sour apple) as a natural appetite suppressant, prolongs the feeling of satiety and at the same time brings the metabolism up to speed. In addition, the powder ground from the brown sticks stimulates the blood circulation in the organs, has a noticeable warming effect (thermogenesis), stabilizes the circulation and blood sugar level, protects against food cravings, lowers blood pressure, and promotes both fat burning and detoxification.

Apple and cinnamon are therefore ideal diet foods with good reason and should - especially in the winter season - be used as often as possible as components of detox water and tea, mueslis, bowls, smoothies, and hot dishes. Also because the diet food tastes wonderfully like Christmas, baked apples and hut magic!


Recipe Ideas for the winter diet with apple and cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon detox water

Boil one liter of water and pour it into a thermos. If you like, add one to three sticks of Ceylon cinnamon and a chopped sour apple (without a core). Let it steep for at least an hour, then either enjoy it hot and as a warming apple-cinnamon tea or put it in the fridge overnight, spice it up with a little mineral water, and turn it into refreshing, appetite-suppressing detox water. Tip: For maximum effects, drink a glass of apple-cinnamon water in the morning before breakfast and add the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Bircher muesli with apple and cinnamon

Half-fill a large muesli bowl with wholegrain oat flakes and chopped hazelnuts, add some low-fat yogurt and about half a tablespoon of freshly ground cinnamon, and stir everything evenly and well. Finally, wash, core and chop a sour apple, drizzle with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and pour over the Bircher muesli as a topping.

Bircher muesli with apple and cinnamon | Diet: How The Combination Of Apple And Cinnamon Should Help You Lose Weight
Bircher muesli with fresh apples, wholegrain oat flakes, and lots of cinnamon.

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