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Why You Should Not Sleep With Wet Hair?


Do you usually shampoo at night and not dry your hair before going to bed? Find out why you should banish this bad habit from your beauty routine!

Why You Should Not Sleep With Wet Hair?

As we know, there are two camps when it comes to determining the best time of day to wash. Some prefer to take their shower in the morning to wake up well while others do not derogate from the evening shower to get rid of the bacteria of the day and to relax after long hours of work which are felt in all their muscles. If you are part of this second camp who takes a shower more at night, it is very likely that you do your shampoo at the same time, that is to say, a little before going to bed. And besides, those who wash in the morning sometimes also make an exception on shampooing day to save time the next day when they wake up. So you've probably washed your hair at least once in the evening before going to bed.

Rest assured, if washing your hair in the evening rather than in the morning isn't a bad idea in and of itself (because it's not the timing of the shampoo that's wrong after all), you might just go for it. slip into the sheets with your hair still damp from the wash. A bad reflex that could harm your hair health on multiple levels.

Messy hair when you wake up

You have certainly noticed it after going to bed with wet hair, in the morning it has generally taken bad folds during the night and sometimes displays a few frankly unsightly spikes. Blame it on the movement of your hair while drying in the open air overnight, with your head pressed against the pillow. And that's not to mention the lengths, which are also often more tangled ... Suffice to say that in the morning, the hair is almost indomitable and not really at its peak. Finally, the time saved by not drying your hair the night before is quickly lost when you wake up when you have to try to correct the situation with brushing or styling products. And this is far from the worst consequence of this habit.

Beware of breakage on the lengths!

You may not know it, but when your hair is wet, the scales that make up the hair's cuticle (its outer, protective layer) are loosened and lifted, making the hair more brittle. So porous, the hair fiber is also more sensitive to external aggressions (temperature variations, friction against the pillow, etc.) and therefore more prone to knots, which consequently also makes it more prone to breakage. It’s better not to keep your lengths wet or worse: soaked, before going to bed.

Risks to your scalp

If you may appreciate the cool effect of wet hair on the pillow, know that sleeping with your hair still soaked after shampooing will generate humid heat which is very conducive to the development of yeast infections and fungi. on your scalp. In fact, when you sleep with your head resting against the pillow, this moisture present in the hair and on the scalp will simply macerate against a sheet which is itself a nest of bacteria. This disrupts the balance of the scalp by making it more sensitive to irritation, more prone to dandruff and itching, but also to fungi.

So many good reasons to stop going to bed with wet hair!

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