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Lose Weight With Vegetables: With This Variety You Can Lose Half A Kilo A Day!

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With these vegetables, you should be able to lose half a kilo a day...

Vegetables are part of the ABC of a diet. You should definitely eat that, preferably a lot of it, because that way you lose weight faster. What is less known, however, is which types of vegetables exactly stimulate fat burning quickly. Because they melt annoying fat pads on the stomach, legs, or buttocks much more effectively and noticeably faster.

Lose Weight With Vegetables: With This Variety You Can Lose Half A Kilo A Day!

Lose weight faster with vegetables

Vegetables provide a high concentration of important vitamins and trace elements, are rich in water and low in calories, and can therefore be eaten at any time and as a filler. True to the motto: Eat as much as you want. In addition, many types of vegetables contain bitter substances that curb the appetite and protect against hunger pangs. Dietary fiber supports digestion, makes you full longer, and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Lose weight faster with vegetables | Lose Weight With Vegetables: With This Variety You Can Lose Half A Kilo A Day!

Lose weight with vegetables: these are the best varieties for a diet

1. Carrots

The crunchy root vegetables are not only rich in beta-carotene (and should therefore be so good for the eyesight), the popular snack vegetables also provide the fiber pectin and literally shed the pounds. Because pectin swells up during digestion, makes you full longer, and - and this is the best - turns into a kind of gel that binds fat and sugar and flushes them out of the body before they can be absorbed by the cells. In addition, raw carrots should have a slightly draining effect.


2. Radishes

The little pink-colored beets enhance the appearance of every salad, and the mustard oils they contain have a cleansing effect and stimulate fat burning. Due to their sharp taste, radishes have an appetite suppressant anyway. It is best not to add any salt.

3. Asparagus

Asparagus is considered a superfood because it is one of the best diet foods. In addition to the strong dehydrating and cell-cleaning effect, this is also due to the high proportion of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid, and many important vitamins. As an ingredient in smoothies, bowls, stir-fried vegetables, or salads, asparagus is never boring during the diet.

3. Asparagus | Lose Weight With Vegetables: With This Variety You Can Lose Half A Kilo A Day!

4. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi, cut into narrow strips, fits perfectly with carrots, celery, bell peppers, and cucumbers on a raw vegetable plate or in the lunch box and can be nibbled every day. Because kohlrabi has only 28 calories per 100 grams and has a lasting appetite suppressant due to its bitter taste. In addition, the light green tubers provide extra iron, which in turn improves cell metabolism and thus supports fat burning.

5. Peas

In addition to vitamins A, B, and C, the small green legumes provide a considerable amount of folic acid, as well as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Although they have a comparatively high carbohydrate content, peas help to lose weight and build muscle tissue, because they also contain a high concentration of vegetable proteins and are good for filling. Young peas are practical and particularly crisp frozen.

6. Onions

Onions are a traditional seasoning and remedy and are valued for both internal and external use due to their proven anti-inflammatory effect - in ancient Egypt, onions are said to have been eaten like apples. Because raw onions in particular are difficult to digest for some, can lead to stomach upsets, and also last for what feels like an eternity on the taste buds, it is best to only cut the mild varieties into the salad and enjoy all the other varieties cooked. Onions stimulate all metabolic processes, effectively stimulate digestion and have a cleansing effect.

7. Pickled cucumbers

It is said that pregnant women especially love pickled cucumbers. But the pickles from the mason jar are also worthwhile for everyone whose organism is not in other circumstances. Thanks to the spicy-sour taste, they stimulate saliva production and effectively stimulate the digestive process. In addition, the contained tatronic acid helps the organism to convert carbohydrates into energy instead of storing them as fat.

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