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The 5.5 Cm Rule Reveals Which Hairstyle Suits You Best


Do you finally want to know what hair length really suits you? Then use this formula!

The 5.5 cm Rule Reveals Which Hairstyle Suits You Best
Short haircut or long mane?

The 5.5 cm Rule Reveals Which Hairstyle Suits You Best
With this formula, you can determine which hairstyle really suits you.

Octopus Haircut, Undone Boy Bob, or Mullet: There are quite a few haircuts that look super nice and that we definitely want to try out. But even though we have totally fallen in love with a look, we first ask ourselves the question: does it suit me at all? Does a short hairstyle suit me or do I stick with long hair? You only really know that when you try the new cut – right? If you've been wondering which hair length suits you for a long time, here's the answer!

5.5 cm rule: The formula for the perfect cut

The secret to the perfect hairstyle: math. No joke! The 5.5 cm rule promises a clear answer to the question of what hair length really suits you. And for that, we not only need some math knowledge but also the right angle. But don't worry if it's been a while since your last math lesson: all you have to do is read numbers off a ruler.

Here's how the formula works

The math formula for the perfect hair length comes from the hair experts at John Frieda. All you need is a ruler, a pen and a mirror. How to calculate your hair length step by step:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Take the pencil and place it horizontally under your chin.
  3. Now place the ruler at a right angle to the pen and slide it to the level of the earlobe.
  4. Now it's time to measure: Measure the distance from the earlobe to the pin vertically downwards.

The result of your measurement gives you the answer: If the distance is less than 5.5 cm, you have a short haircut. If it is more than 5.5 cm, longer hair suits you best.

5.5 cm rule: The formula for the perfect cut | The 5.5 cm Rule Reveals Which Hairstyle Suits You Best
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Hairstyle trend: You should also consider this when it comes to hair length

Of course, the math shouldn't be the only thing that decides which hairstyle you wear. Even if your measurement says otherwise: If you fancy a cool short haircut, go for it! In addition, the shape of the face and the hair structure should be considered when choosing the hair length. Ultimately, one thing counts above all: that you feel beautiful and self-confident with your hairstyle! There is no math formula in the world that can counter this feeling.

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