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This Makeup Look Goes Perfectly With Brown Hair - And It Only Takes 7 Steps

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Priyanka Chopra shows how it is: This is what the ideal make-up look for brown hair looks like...

Look effortlessly fresh with slightly reddened cheeks and peach-colored lips, like after a successful yoga session or a long walk - Priyanka Chopra demonstrates it with her natural "no make-up" look: This is how you can combine your complexion with a brown one Hair comes into its own wonderfully.

This Makeup Look Goes Perfectly With Brown Hair - And It Only Takes 7 Steps

Find out here how you can create the effortlessly fresh-looking look for brown hair yourself in just 7 steps.

Priyanka Chopra: The matte look with peach-colored lips

Priyanka Chopra: The matte look with peach-colored lips | This Makeup Look Goes Perfectly With Brown Hair - And It Only Takes 7 Steps
Instagram: @priyankachopra : Priyanka Chopra Jonas

1. The right basis

For radiant, beautiful, and natural make-up you should always start with a good base. Start with a cleansed face and use a rich moisturizer that deeply hydrates the skin - this will allow the make-up to fuse better with the skin later.

2. Conceal only the bare essentials

The natural look of Chopra is particularly characterized by its lightness. This does not mean that no covering products such as concealer or foundation should be used - but try to keep these to a minimum. Your skin should continue to breathe and shine through the makeup. You should therefore only use your concealer in the areas that you really want to cover - alternatively, a foundation can be used selectively, like a concealer, for an even more natural look.


3. The eye make-up

The eyes should be kept particularly bright with this emphatically natural look. Avoid using dark eyeshadow or eyeliner. Instead, you can use a bright highlighter or eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye and use mascara with a volume effect to open the eye wider.

A tip: after applying the mascara, comb the eyelashes with a small eyelash brush to avoid unsightly lumps.

4. Eyebrows: Less is more

Eyebrows shape the face - so when it comes to looking effortlessly fresh, the brows should also stay in their natural shape as much as possible. A lightly tinted or colorless eyebrow gel is sufficient to comb the hairs upwards. If you want to fill in small gaps, you can also use a thin eyebrow pencil to trace individual hairs. The rule here is to use a color that is slightly lighter than the natural brow color in order to create the illusion of a shadow, which in turn makes the brow appear fuller in a more natural way.

5. Rosy cheeks: As if kissed by the sun

For rosy cheeks like after an extensive yoga session, you should use a liquid or cream blush - because the less powder, the better. The creamy or liquid blush can be easily placed on the cheeks with your finger and blended. The warmth of the hand ensures that the skin and product melt together.

6. The lips: matte or glossy?

Whether we prefer matte or glossy lips is a matter of taste. If you want to wear your lips matt like Chopra, good care should always be applied before the lipstick. When choosing a color, brunettes should opt for soft peach tones as they are particularly flattering.

7. The finishing touches

Complete the look by sprinkling on some mattifying setting spray to ensure makeup lasts and looks fresh throughout the day.

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