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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Long Hair


If you want long hair, you should avoid these 5 mistakes! | 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Long Hair

If you want long hair, you should avoid these 5 mistakes!

Anyone who dreams of thick, long hair usually has a long way to go. Especially when he's about to say goodbye to a bob or even a short hairstyle. Because beautiful, healthy hair (no matter what length) requires care and attention. But especially when you're working on long hair. There are five common mistakes to avoid. Because they prevent hair growth.

1. Allow hair buildup

Beauty and hair care products are very useful - but they can also cause damage. Because product residues and deposits on the scalp can lead to blockages of the hair follicles. And that in turn restricts hair growth. Because the pores on the head need air to stimulate the hair follicles to grow. You should therefore use products sparingly, tailor them precisely to the needs of the hair, and always wash them thoroughly and use a scalp peeling if necessary. This is how you get one step closer to long hair.

2. Forget the nutrients

Our hair doesn't just need the right care from the outside. Hair growth can also be promoted through diet. Long hair needs special nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Particularly important: amino acid - ideally in the form of collagen. Biotin also promotes hair growth.


3. Neglect the wellness program

Wash, blow-dry, continue. For many, the daily care program looks primarily time-saving. But the wellness aspect should not be neglected if you want long hair. A scalp massage, for example, stimulates blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth. The hair also becomes stronger because the hair follicles are better supplied with nutrients. Once a week you should plan a massage of about ten minutes - you don't have to be in the shower.

4. Forget the ends of your hair

If you want long hair, you tend to neglect to cut it. It would also be counterproductive. Or? In fact, you should still take care of the ends of your hair and have them trimmed again and again. Otherwise these thin out, split ends - and the hair keeps breaking off. In addition, the hair is long but looks thin and unhealthy. In addition, the tips should be moisturized with masks and leave-in treatments. Because this is usually withdrawn from them by blow-drying and styling.

5. Too much heat

Speaking of blow-drying, it has long been known that heat is harmful to hair. Anyone who uses a blow dryer or straightener every day dries out their hair and causes hair breakage that is difficult to repair - and counteracts the goal of "long hair". If you can't let your hair dry naturally, you should work rigorously with heat protection. And every time heat comes into play.

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