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Barbara Pravi: 5 Tips For Styling When You Have Curly Hair Like Her


Barbara Pravi may not have won on May 22, 2021, but her second place is a credit to France. And on the hairstyle side, the 28-year-old has it all with her curly hair and trendy short haircut. If you want to have as much style like her, discover the wise advice of Antonio Calero, the artistic director of the Moroccanoil brand, partner of Eurovision.

Barbara Pravi: 5 Tips For Styling When You Have Curly Hair Like Her

Having short hair doesn't prevent you from having style and playing with materials and effects, even for a night out. Thus, Antonio Calero, the artistic director of the Moroccanoil brand, partner of Eurovision, gives all his advice to highlight the hair especially if you have an ultra-trendy short cut and curly hair like Barbara Pravi, the French candidate who came second.

Lovely in her outfit signed Dior, the young woman of 28, wore her short curly cut naturally, as often. "There are many styling possibilities even with short curly hair. The most important: to master a good balance between the choice of shampoo and styling products. If you use too many moisturizers, it can weigh down the hair. If, on the other hand, you do not hydrate your curly hair enough, it will remain wispy".

1. The best short haircut on curly hair

Antonio Calero, artistic director of Morrocanoil offers the traditional brushing, but also to style his hair back, one of the most trendy hairstyles of this spring-summer 2021. But for him, when you wear the same short hairstyle as Barbara Pravi, the must is to leave them natural, with a little "loose" effect, it is the best option: to play the naturalness for a classic and timeless look. Thus, Barbara Pravi transports us to another era.".

2. How to take care of your curly hair in summer?

The most important thing as Antonio Calero, artistic director of Morrocanoil explains, is "to have creamy, non-sticky products to deeply hydrate the hair. Moroccanoil treatment is a good base. You can then use La Crème de massage to properly define the curls and avoid frizz, and then use the Moroccanoil Disciplining Styling Cream to prevent the hairstyle from moving.

3. What beauty faux pas should you avoid when you have curly hair?

Antonio Calero is categorical: “you shouldn't put water on your curls in the morning and think of refreshing them; they must be defined with cream. Also, do not catch and "crumple" your curls when applying the product, but sweep your hand so as to stroke the hair; otherwise it may make the curls heavier. And finally, ideally, you should sleep on silk pillowcases, perfect for curly hair ".


4. How to style your short hair according to your face shape?

"When you have short hair, it's not so much the hairstyle that matters as the hairstyle. It is essential to adapt short hair to the morphology of the face. To balance the volumes but also to work its cut and the styling according to the shape of the eyes and even the cheekbones. We also worked on the hairstyle of the Italian representative in this sense, starting from her cheekbones so as to open the eyes"

5. The most beautiful hairstyles with short curly hair

“Regardless of the cut, the emphasis will be on the texture. If you have smooth, flat hair, play with a dry texturizing spray for example or, for more volume, use a texturizing paste.".

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