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Ultra-Trendy Way To Wear The Bob Right Now!


Absolutely timeless, the square-cut never ceases to amaze us. At the start of 2021, it is in its degraded version that it makes us crack the most!

Ultra-trendy way to wear the bob right now!

More trendy than ever, we liked it short in 2020 and we announced to you, a few weeks ago now, that it would be long in 2021. However, it seems that the confinements and the expansion of teleworking have had a direct impact on the hairstyle trends of this new year ... Indeed, no need to be dressed to the nines to go to the office: the strict and graphic hairstyles have given way to a little more lightness! The fashion of the gradient square is the perfect illustration of this.

Ultra-trendy way to wear the bob right now!

Ultra-trendy way to wear the bob right now!

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With more volume, texture, and movement, this haircut differs from the traditional bob, which is degraded to give it a lighter and sparkling look, but just as seductive. Capable of sublimating all types of hair, the degraded square is available as much on fine and/or straight hair, to which it will be able to bring movement and material, as on thick and/or curly hair, of which it will lighten the ends so as to soften the cut and distribute the volume. Depending on the specifics of your hair, you can also choose to simply shorten a few strands on the front, or prefer to degrade all of your hair (be sure that your hairdresser will be able to give good advice).

Another great advantage of the gradient square: it has the art of adapting to all desires. Indeed, if this haircut is particularly suitable for being worn fuzzy and wavy, its smooth version also makes us crack!
In addition, it is also particularly easy to maintain ... It's a fact: thanks to the layering, the hair will maintain its shape even as it grows back. On average, a visit to a hairdressing salon every three months is more than enough to maintain a degraded square, which is more a so-called intermediate cut. And thanks to the natural volume it gives to the hair, it is also easy to tame on a daily basis: a brushstroke, a little texturizer, or a touch of lacquer… The more the degraded square is unstructured, the more it is trendy!

In short, whether you wear it short, long, with or without bangs, it doesn't matter, the gradient square has it all! Will he be able to make you crack this year?

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