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Freshly Styled For Spring


Do you feel that too? Often with the warmer season comes the desire for change. No problem: we will show you the new looks of the top stylists for spring and summer, step-by-step to imitate.

Pure glamor (Saint Econic)

Pure glamor (Saint Econic) | Freshly styled for spring

Schwarzkopf stylist Armin Morbach has created a look here that, depending on the styling, is sometimes opulent, sometimes futuristic, sometimes innocent. So completely versatile. What more do you want?

Elegant ponytail

Elegant ponytail | Freshly styled for spring

Casual and yet really chic - this simple but effective summer hairstyle by Pantene Pro V hair expert Sascha Schütte accompanies you on a shopping trip or to the office. That's how it's done.

Light summer waves

Light summer waves | Freshly styled for spring

With these loose waves, your mane - like that of Pantene Pro V ambassador Nazan Eckes - looks natural and stylish at the same time. This combination just always fits. Perfect for the everyday business look or the summer beach party.


Multicultural Rock-Chic (Overculture Envoy)

Multicultural Rock-Chic (Overculture Envoy) | Freshly styled for spring

Intentionally unintentional - the styling by Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach combines smooth and curly, chic and casual. Ideally, you should bring naturally slightly wavy hair for the look.

Modern updo

Modern updo | Freshly styled for spring

The good old banana is back: Wellaflex styling expert Sascha Breuer puts it in the limelight with voluminous bangs in an undone look.


Curls | Freshly styled for spring

Summery sophisticated: With the classic curly look - here styled by Wellaflex stylist Sascha Breuer - you create the wow factor. The special thing is the smooth approach, which stands in exciting contrast to the wavy lengths. Ideally, you should bring naturally strong hair for the look.

Shiny knot

Shiny knot | Freshly styled for spring

A touch of the 1920s combined with modern joie de vivre - the water wave with a chignon on the neck by Wellaflex stylist Sascha Breuer fits perfectly with summer, looks elegant but not severe. Great if you are looking for a hairstyle for a first date or a night out with friends.

Convertible Bob (Neutral Goddess)

Convertible Bob (Newtral Goddess) | Freshly styled for spring

Are you keen to experiment and also have a strong personality? Then underline this with a softly falling bob. Whether teased or sleek - this modern mushroom head is extremely versatile. The basis of the look is the short haircut with soft contours. After blow-drying your hair with a large round brush, you have countless styling options.

Dollar bun

Dollar bun | Freshly styled for spring

Redken hairdresser Stefan Herz shows a quick hairstyle for an evening outfit or office look with this high knot. Nice side effect: the hair does not disturb the neck - as it should be for a real summer hairstyle.

Naughty pixie

Naughty pixie | Freshly styled for spring

A real spring/summer hairstyle and also a stylish classic: the basis of the look of Matrix and Cutting Crew is the pixie cut - perfect for trend-conscious women who dare to wear short and want many quick styling options.

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