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Best Care Tips And Products For Combination Skin


In order to meet the demands of the skin, it is particularly important to adjust the daily facial care exactly to your personal skin type.

Oily meets dry: Best care tips for combination skin

Oily meets dry: Best care tips for combination skin | Best care tips and products for combination skin
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Combination skin needs special care, as two skin types meet here

It becomes difficult when you are not just one but two very different types and your skin oscillates between dry areas, an oily T-zone, and impurities. This sophisticated hybrid is better known as combination skin: We explain how to properly care for it and present the best shopping tips between cream and cleanser.

What is combination skin?

As the term already suggests, combination skin is a combination of two skin types. You can recognize the complexion by these typical features:

Which cream for combination skin? 3 favorites for more balance

The good face cream is the heart of the daily beauty routine and is particularly important for combination skin. We introduce three of the best creams that cater to the needs of the skin type.


1. Face cream for combination skin: Essential Care by Babor

1. Face cream for combination skin: Essential Care by Babor | Best care tips and products for combination skin
BABOR ESSENTIAL CARE Moisture Balancing Cream, light facial care cream, for combination and oily skin, vegan

The gel-like, light texture of this daycare supplies dry skin areas with intensive moisture (made from aloe vera), gives a fresh glow and is quickly absorbed, while rice starch mattifies greasy areas. At the same time, panthenol supports the skin's natural protective barrier and accelerates wound healing. This allows pimples to subside faster and the skin stores moisture better.

2. Moisturizing care for normal and combination skin: Face cream from Micaraa

2. Moisturizing care for normal and combination skin: Face cream from Micaraa | Best care tips and products for combination skin
MICARAA Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream For The Face, Vegan Face Cream For Normal To Combination Skin, Anti-Aging Face Care With Organic Oils, Natural Cosmetics Germany

Natural cosmetics for a radiant complexion: The face cream combines ingredients such as aloe vera with oils such as jojoba and cacay oil, which eliminate dry skin and nourish it with rich moisture.

And don't worry: the selected oils are particularly light, do not clog pores, and, thanks to anti-inflammatory linoleic acid, even counteract pimples. The moisturizing cream is also rich in the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, making it a great anti-aging booster for mature skin.

3. Face cream for sensitive combination skin: Melissa day cream from Dr. Hauschka

3. Face cream for sensitive combination skin: Melissa day cream from Dr. Hauschka | Best care tips and products for combination skin
Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream unisex, balancing mattifying daycare

This face cream brings your skin back into balance. Ingredients such as tapioca starch mattify the shiny, greasy areas, lemon balm extracts prevent impurities and witch hazel refines enlarged pores in the T-zone of the face. Natural oils, on the other hand, provide dry skin with moisture and protect. Great extra: Medicinal plants such as lemon balm, wound clover and daisies soothe sensitive skin, stimulate wound healing, and eliminate bacteria.

This is what the perfect care for combination skin looks like

Combination skin needs special treatment. In order to optimally meet your needs, please follow the steps below for your facial care:

Step 1: How do you cleanse combination skin?

Daily cleaning is essential for beautiful skin. For combination skin, we use a mild cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt, make-up residues, and excess sebum from the skin, but does not dry it out.

The care should not contain alcohol or perfume, as these can make the skin even drier and irritate.

Extra tip: Wash the skin only with lukewarm water. Hot water dries out the skin.

Step 2: Peelings and masks

Peelings and face masks complement the skincare ritual for combination skin. Less is more, however: you can use a gentle chemical peel once or twice a week to cleanse the skin of dead skin cells and prevent blackheads.

With regard to masks, however, the multi-masking technique is recommended. To do this, apply a moisturizing mask to the cheeks; In the T-zone, on the other hand, clarifying masks with clay is the right care.

Step 3: Care Plus facial toner

Refreshing toners (also known as toners) are the insider tip for demanding skin because they provide additional cleansing and extra care - especially in the T-zone. Rely on a clarifying, mattifying, and balancing product that contains ingredients such as salicylic acid, green tea, or rose water. These prevent blackheads, have anti-inflammatory effects, and regulate excessive sebum production.


Step 4: Serum and cream

For even more intensive skincare, you can supplement the day cream with a serum. This is applied before the cream. Our recommendation: a hyaluronic serum that provides intensive care with moisture. Thanks to its light, non-oily texture, it is also ideal for oily skin in the T-zone.

4 beauty tips: Right make-up for combination skin

Combination skin not only requires special care, but the make-up should also be adapted to the skin type. And these are the best tips for a mixed skin type:

1. Use primer

Primers hide coarse pores on the face and form the ideal make-up basis, as they make the complexion appear more even and make the skin feel pleasant.

2. Which foundation for combination skin?

Water-based, light foundations or BB creams are the right choices for your skin because they do not dry out the skin and are breathable. Also, look out for non-comedogenic and oil-free products to avoid clogged pores.

3. Makeup Products For The Oily T-Zone

Oily skin on the nose, chin, and forehead is typical of the mixed complexion. To prevent the unsightly shine, you can dust a touch of transparent powder over the T-zone.

Extra tip: Be sure to put blotting paper in your handbag! So you can easily dab your skin on the go. The paper absorbs excess sebum and ensures a dull complexion to go.

4. Fluid textures

When it comes to highlighter and blush, you should definitely use liquid make-up. Powder textures make the already dry cars look even drier. Liquid products, on the other hand, create a fresh complexion - even with dry skin.

4. Fluid textures | Best care tips and products for combination skin
Photo: IMAXtree
Combination skin is very easy to recognize: while the T-zone tends to have oily skin, the cheek area is dry. It takes the right care.

How is combination skin created?

Combination skin arises due to differently active sebum glands. Means: In the T-Zone these are particularly active. There is an excess production of sebum and oily areas of the skin. On the other hand, they produce very little sebum on the cheeks, which is why these areas are dry and rough.

This can have a wide variety of backgrounds: Hormonal changes, genetic predisposition or the wrong diet are typical causes. Also interesting: mostly young women up to 30 are affected by this complexion - with increasing age, however, the sebum glands play in and the skin appears significantly more balanced.

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