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Fairy Hair: The Trend That Illuminates Our Hair With Glitter


You will inevitably fall for this new hairstyle trend. The fairy hair is making a comeback and here's how to adapt it to brighten up our hair lengths.

Fairy hair: The Trend That Illuminates Our Hair With Glitter

The holidays are over and yet, some beauty trends could make us think otherwise. Rhinestones and sequins always invite themselves into our dressing room, and sequins take over our bathroom. And if we used to wear them daily with glowing highlighters, glittering eyeshadows, or shiny glosses, today, glitter is also worn in the hair! Yes, it's still a trend from the 2000s that is making a comeback for 2022.

You have probably already seen it happening in recent days on social networks, especially on Instagram, Pinterest, or even TikTok, more and more people are falling for the fairy hair trend. This hairstyle that invades the world of beauty consists of adding sequined locks to your natural hair and the result is sublime!

Intended mainly for evenings, the most daring do not hesitate to wear them during the day. It is actually enough to adapt the number of sequined locks to the occasion for which we adopt the fairy hair trend. If you are invited to a party, you can add lots of sparkling threads in different colors to your hair. Finally, if you want to wear this daytime trend, we advise you to affix only a few locks of a fairly discreet color, such as gold or silver.

How to adopt the fairy hair trend?

Several kits to adapt to the fairy hair trend are available on the Internet. These usually include glitter wires, small clips to hang the extensions in, and a clip and hook to help secure them at the hair roots.

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