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Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue


Trendy hair color 2022: The 5 hair colors that will be in vogue all year round...

Time is running out, and we will be very soon in 2022. So now is the time to learn about the hair color trends that will punctuate the year to come. Zoom on the colors soon in fashion!

Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

The new year will soon be here. It's finally time to take a look at the trends that will set the pace for 2022. Get ready to try out all new hairstyles, cuts, but also colorations. Several hair colors will be trendy. We have selected the 5 prettiest for you. Among these, we count the chocolate brown - a dark shade that still has beautiful warm reflections -, the caramel mocha - we have seen it a lot in ombre hair or in balayage, but next year we will dare it. wear all over our hair.

The trend also: honey blonde - which has the particularity of adapting to all-natural hair colors - raven black - yes, this very dark coloring is back, but beware of the beauty faux pas! -, and finally the flamboyant red - for women who want originality, intensity, and cheerfulness!

1. Chocolate brown

1. Chocolate brown | Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

Most of us enjoy wearing darker shade colors during the winter season. For the start of 2022, let yourself be tempted by a bright and warm brown. We advise you to turn to chocolate brown, which will be one of the major beauty trends of the coming months. Spotted in the backstage of the Spring / Summer 2022 Ports 1961 fashion show on model Adele Aldighieri, the chocolate brown is very easy to wear. Cheerful, but above all much less bland than a classic brown, a hairstyle on chocolate brown hair has warm highlights that will embellish our winter 2022.

2. Mocha caramel

2. Mocha caramel | Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

If you have fair skin, maybe this color will enhance your hairstyle more than a dark brown. Caramel mocha has long been a trend in balayage, highlights, or ombré hair. In 2022, we will dare to adopt this color incomplete coloring to cover all of our hair. Caramel mocha is a warm shade between chestnut and red. Bright and warm, it is the color with perfect shades that adapts to all seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, or winter).

3. Honey blonde

3. Honey blonde | Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

Even lighter than the trendy caramel mocha coloring, honey blonde will also be in fashion throughout 2022. Ideal to brighten up our fall and winter hairstyles, we also love to wear them during spring and winter. 'summer. Honey blonde is bright, but far from too light. It is a warm blond whose reflections draw towards the golden chestnut. Its biggest advantage? It can be easily adopted by both a brunette and a blonde; your choice of coloring all over the hair, balayage, or ombré hair.


4. Black crow

4. Black crow | Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

We thought this coloring was dead forever, and yet! Raven black hair color will indeed be back and once again a hairstyle trend in 2022. It is best suited for the fall and winter seasons. Also, although any woman can adopt it, we recommend the raven black color trend especially for those without too light skin; at the risk of creating too much contrast between the complexion and the color of the hair. This big difference in color would give a bad look...!

5. Flaming red

5. Flaming red | Hair Color Trends 2023: Hair Colors In Vogue

The red has always tempted us. It must be said that many celebrities know how to highlight it. We are thinking in particular of Emma Stone, Caroline Receveur, and Audrey Fleurot; but also to a lot of women on social networks of photos like Instagram or Pinterest for example. And why not us? 2022 will be the perfect year to embark on the adventure of bold colors. Flaming red is one of the big hair trends to come. Warm, intense, elegant, and above all trendy, flamboyant red will be on all heads in summer and winter, regardless of the skin tone. The red sublimates the beauty and the cuts of all women!

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