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Trendy Hairstyles: 3 Haircuts What Will Take 10 Years Away


They look modern and conjure up a few years away in no time: We're talking about these three chic anti-aging hairstyles...

Trendy Hairstyles: 3 Haircuts What Will Take 10 Years Away
You can't tell Halle Berry her real age (she is 55) - thanks in part to her hairstyle.

Just like makeup looks that can make you look older or younger, there are also haircuts that visually rejuvenate. Don't worry: Not only short haircuts are included - there are also medium-length and long hairstyle variants that are flattering for many women over 50 and optimally underline facial features.

For long hair: gentle waves

With increasing age, the hair of many women becomes thinner and more porous due to hormones. Then often the only thing that helps is to cut it off so that the mane looks healthy and beautiful. However, if you have thick, shiny hair and don't want to lose any length, soft beach waves are the right choice.

For long hair: gentle waves | Trendy Hairstyles: 3 Haircuts What Will Take 10 Years Away
The glamorous beach waves are an eye-catcher.

You can create this with the help of a curling iron and a texturing spray, for example, or you can opt for the heat-free overnight variant: Simply braid freshly washed, still damp hair the evening before in four loose braids and a flexible hair tie (e.g. from Invisibobble ) so that there are no kinks. The next morning, all you have to do is loosen the braids with your fingers and, thanks to minimal effort, you will be rewarded with gentle waves.

For medium-length hair: curtain bangs

Halle Berry proves how curtain bangs rejuvenate the visual appearance in a jiffy. In April she caused a sensation with this crazy short hairstyle, but now she is wearing the stylish side pony part that was so hip in 2021 and popular with women of all ages.

For medium-length hair: curtain bangs | Trendy Hairstyles: 3 Haircuts What Will Take 10 Years Away
Curtain bangs look great with both loose and tied hair.

Tip: So that curtain bangs stay in good shape all day, it makes sense to use a volume spray when styling and blow-dry the bangs with the round brush. And this lightning trick with the straightening iron also brings curtain bangs into shape in no time.

For short hair: the bob

If a pixie cut (which also makes you younger!) If too radical for you, you can opt for an elegant bob hairstyle like actress Jodie Foster. The trend haircut does not require a lot of styling effort and can still be varied as desired by making small changes (middle or side parting, straight or wavy, straight or angled hairline).

For short hair: the bob | Trendy Hairstyles: 3 Haircuts What Will Take 10 Years Away
A timeless bob never goes out of style.

A simple trick that we copied from the 59-year-old: To give the bob more curl, simply turn the ends of the hair outwards with the straightening iron (experts call this a flipped-out bob). You can also pinch the bob behind the ear on one side to accentuate the features of the face.

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