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Open Hair In Summer: 3 Hairstyle Trends That Are Just More Fun


For the latest hairstyle trends, eyes are always on the runway: How do the models wear their hair? Which looks go best with the new season's fashion trends? We can be sure of an answer. So it was only a matter of time before we found the boredom killers for loose hair.

Don't feel like braids: with these hairstyle trends, we will no longer be bored with open hair in summer 2021

Open Hair In Summer: 3 Hairstyle Trends That Are Just More Fun
From Dior to Etro: These three hairstyle trends make loose hair cooler than ever before.

If you don't always feel like having a braid in summer 2021, you can now take a look at the three most important hairstyle trends at Dior, Drome, and Etro. Not only are they special, but they're also wearable. And above all, they ensure that loose hair never looks boring again.

These three hairstyle trends get boredom out of your loose hair - thanks to Dior and Co.

1. Baby braids

Sweet, playful, fashionable: Baby Braids are THE hairstyle trend on Instagram - and so present that you just have to try them with loose hair. Not only because you could also see his potential on the catwalk at Etro. But above all, because it is perfect for a vacation on the beach. When it comes to baby braids, it is best to give your loose hair the salty, disheveled look you know from a trip to the sea. Tip: It is best to fasten the braided strands with transparent elastics for the Rasta braid - that way nothing distracts from the hairstyle trend.

1. Baby braids | Open Hair In Summer: 3 Hairstyle Trends That Are Just More Fun
Etro, fall/winter 2021/22


2. Sleek look

Don't feel like washing your hair? No problem, then this hairstyle trend from Drome is exactly the right choice. In the summer of 2021, open hair can look cool and sleek backward. You will be happy about this idea at the latest when your hair no longer looks so fresh on the second day after washing - and you would otherwise have to carry it backward. But the sleek look from the runway is the solution: For this hairstyle trend, simply comb the loose hair straight back and fix it first with hair wax and then with hairspray. Especially large earrings look great with this look!

2. Sleek look | Open Hair In Summer: 3 Hairstyle Trends That Are Just More Fun
Drome, Spring/Summer 2021

3. Silk scarves

In the current collections, Dior is playing with various silk scarf creations for open hair and is setting a hairstyle trend for summer 2021. Either you can fold the milkmaid-look silk scarf into a triangle and knot it at the back of your head - or the open ones with a ribbon Brush hair off your face. The only important thing for this hairstyle trend is that you opt for colorful silk scarves that become part of the styling. According to Dior's inspiration, this looks particularly stylish - and is suitable for everyday use as well as for a long day at the beach.

3. Silk scarves | Open Hair In Summer: 3 Hairstyle Trends That Are Just More Fun
Dior, Spring/Summer 2021

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