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Best Hairstyles For Thick Hair


What woman does not long for thick and full hair! If you are lucky enough, there are hairstyles that even intensify the effect and give your hair a special twist. We reveal which ones belong here.

These are the 4 most beautiful hairstyles for thick hair

1. Wavy long bob

1. Wavy long bob | Best hairstyles for thick hair

Wavy Long Bob is a longer version of the classic bob. Basically, any length between chin and shoulder height can be called “praise”. He especially flatters thick hair with gentle waves that are reminiscent of beach waves. This gives the hairstyle a sophisticated twist and even provides more volume and fullness.

2. Layered cut

2. Layered cut | Best hairstyles for thick hair

Regardless of whether it is a bob, lob, or long hair - layers make every hairstyle more dynamic and full. With thick, straight hair, fine layers provide even more movement and volume. Tip: If you have flat hair at the roots that get thicker towards the bottom, the hairdresser can, for example, thin it out slightly at the tips and thus create a visual balance.


3. Gentle natural waves for long hair

3. Gentle natural waves for long hair | Best hairstyles for thick hair

3. Gentle natural waves for long hair | Best hairstyles for thick hair

Gentle natural waves on long hair provide even more fullness and volume. For a nice texture, you can work with Sea Salt Spray, for example, and use it to additionally emphasize the fine curls. Tip: Hair oil or a serum make tips look even more well-groomed and supple.

4. Pixie Cut

4. Pixie Cut | Best hairstyles for thick hair

Ever since Twiggy went for the pixie in the 60s, the short hairstyle has been a part of the hairstyle trends. It's a particularly good option for thicker hair. Why? The face is perfectly framed and a sophisticated cut provides plenty of volumes and a touch of subtle sexiness. Best of all: You have two options when wearing it: either casually in an undone look or combed straight with hair gel. Everything works!

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