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These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces


The perfect hairstyle for your own face shape always makes you shine. If you have a square face, we'll tell you which ones are right for you.

These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

It doesn't matter whether it's round, oval, or square - there is the perfect hairstyle for every face, which skilfully sets the scene. The length of the hair is mostly irrelevant. Rather, it is important that your hairstyle balances or emphasizes the contours of your face.

Angular faces are characterized by an extremely pronounced chin or jawline, which has a square lower jaw. The forehead of square faces also stands out. It is usually rather wide and ensures that the side lines of the face run straight down.

The angular contours make women with square faces look very confident and energetic. Nevertheless, many want to soften the pronounced contours of their face. The best way to achieve this goal is of course the right hairstyle.

We present you with five hairstyles that not only flatter a square face but are also very trendy and always make you look fantastic.

Curls and waves

Curls and waves | These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

Curls and waves are made for square faces - and they are suitable for all hair lengths. Because curls and waves are a beautiful contrast to the pronounced facial features of square faces and make them appear softer.

If you don’t have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can easily get it with a curling iron, a straightening iron, or, in a classic way, with curlers. It is important that a heat protection spray is applied to the hair when using a straightening iron or curling iron.

Hairstyles with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs | These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

Hairstyles with bangs are best suited for square faces, as they somewhat conceal the angular contours. But not all bangs are the same: women with square faces should make sure that they are neither too strict nor too geometric. The more frayed and the better is the motto here.

The so-called curtain bangs are an extremely popular pony cut. These have an airy cut and also frame the whole face, making it appear softer. Another advantage of curtain bangs: they offer you endless styling options.

Step cuts

Step cuts | These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

Layered cuts can be perfectly combined with the already mentioned curtain bangs. This creates a dynamic hairstyle that is very flattering on square faces. It is also called the "undone look" because you always look a bit disheveled. But this is not a disadvantage in this case, because the movement in the hair smooths out the rigid contours.

To give a layered cut that certain something, you can add some volume to it. You can either do this with a round brush and a hairdryer, or you can use volume powder or texturizing spray, which gives the hair extra volume.


Short haircuts

Short haircuts are made for square faces. The only important thing is that it is not too short and strict. A so-called pixie cut or a short haircut in the already mentioned "undone look" brings out all the advantages of a square face and at the same time ensures that it looks a little softer.

Short haircuts | These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

Long bob

Long bob | These Hairstyles Flatter Square Faces

The long bob is not only timeless but also easy to care for. It is also very versatile - whether straight, wavy, frayed, or asymmetrical. A long bob exudes lightness and flatters square faces. To make the long bob and of course, your face looks even better, it is best to wear it with a side parting. It looks more playful that way.

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