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With This Beauty Hack, Greasy Hair Is Finally History


Just washed yesterday and already greasy again today. Especially in the warm months, many people struggle with hair that becomes greasy quickly. The mane then hangs straggly down and makes an oily impression. There is only one solution: wash your hair every day. Absolute nonsense! A daily hair wash is super bad for the scalp and, to be honest, much too time-consuming. Of course, there are hairstyles that conceal greasy hair (especially the sleek bun), but it would be even better if you could simply delay the production of fat for a few days. A little spoiler: it works! And super easy and really fast. You most likely already have everything you need at home. All information about the popular beauty hack - is here.

With This Beauty Hack, Greasy Hair is Finally History
We all know dry shampoo for greasy hair. But you've certainly never used it to prevent hair that quickly becomes greasy.

Why oily hair?

To understand how the beauty hack works, it can be helpful to look at how hair and scalp interact. There are countless sebaceous glands on our scalp that release sebum to the hair and thus provide a certain protective barrier. In addition, sebum ensures a healthy scalp and protects the skin from drying out. Sebum consists of fat and dead skin cells. Of course, the sebum not only stays on the scalp but also migrates into the hair. Frequent hair washing, stress, or an unhealthy diet in particular lead to increased sebum production and thus to greasy hair. In order to get rid of greasy hair in the long term, you should get into a regular (not daily!) hair washing rhythm, treat yourself to some time off and make sure you eat a balanced diet. In addition, you can delay washing your hair for a few days with this ingenious beauty hack.

With this beauty hack, greasy hair is finally history!

Dry shampoos contain silicate and starch mixtures that absorb excess sebum. Some products also contain alcohol, which increases the absorbing effect. We are used to not using the dry shampoo until the man (or woman) really needs it: When we look in the mirror in the morning and the strands are just so oily on our face, but not enough time to wash our hair Styling is, for example. But this is exactly the situation we can avoid from now on. @fraubeauty has provided us with an ingenious beauty hack that doesn't make your hair greasy in the first place - and it works like this:

  1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  2. Dry it off with shampoo.
  3. Put a dry shampoo at the roots of your towel-dried hair.
  4. Then, let your hair air dry or blow dry and style as usual.

If your hair is greasy now, the dry shampoo is already there and can immediately absorb the excess sebum. Great side effect: fluffy hair with more body and fullness. So we are fans! Thanks for the great trick, dear @fraubeauty!

With this beauty hack, greasy hair is finally history! | With This Beauty Hack, Greasy Hair is Finally History


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