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Hair Care With Keratin: Goodbye, Brittle, Brittle And Dull Hair!


Your hair is limp and limp? It doesn't have to be! Have you ever heard of keratin hair products? We'll tell you what they can do and why they deserve a place in your bathroom.

Hair Care With Keratin: Goodbye, Brittle, Brittle And Dull Hair!

Goodbye, dull and dull hair! Now come keratin hair care products. Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and masks make your mane more beautiful, shiny, and voluminous. Regular use is expressly desired.

What is keratin?

Every single hair that grows on our heads looks pretty unspectacular in principle. But it is actually not at all. Because such a hair has it in the truest sense of the word. It consists of 80 to 90% keratin. This is a protein that our body makes by itself. Keratin is the basic building block of our hair, which is bundled in what is known as the fiber layer. This layer in turn envelops the hair core, the so-called marrow cells, and is itself protected by a cuticle. The rest of our hair is made up of water, lipids, and color pigments. By the way, we not only have keratin in our hair but also in our skin and our fingernails and toenails.

What is the role of keratin in our hair?

Our hair is largely made of keratin for a reason. The protein has the important function of strengthening and protecting them. It ensures that our hair is elastic and flexible, but at the same time extremely strong and resistant. The protein, which is neither water- nor fat-soluble, makes them flexible, elastic, and rotatable.

What can damage the keratin layer of hair?

Unfortunately, the keratin layer of our hair is not indestructible. When it is damaged, small gaps are created and our hair quickly becomes dull, brittle, dry, and weak. Both external and internal influences can promote a keratin deficiency.

The external influences include:

Internal influences include:


What can hair care products do with keratin?

Our body does produce keratin, but sometimes, to put it simply, it doesn't keep up that quickly. So the keratin in the hair needs to be replenished somehow. This is where hair care products with keratin come into play. Whether shampoos, conditioners, or hair treatments - they all contain liquid keratin, which helps to rebuild damaged hair and maintain a healthy hair structure. The result: the hair looks strengthened, smooth, and shiny. The prerequisite for this is of course that you use the keratin products regularly.

Interesting: The outer protective layer of our hair consists of natural lipids, i.e. a layer of fat. Their job is to stabilize the keratin in the hair. It does this by preventing water from evaporating from the hair. Many keratin hair care products therefore also contain nourishing oils such as shea butter, argan, jojoba, and almond oil.

Haircare with keratin

If you regularly use hair care products with keratin, you can prevent a deficiency and protect your hair. It can also be used to repair damage to the hair structure.

Which hair types are keratin hair care products suitable for?

Haircare products with keratin are good for all types of hair and, with regular use, can have a positive effect on all hair types. For example, fine hair gets more substance, weakened and damaged hair is built up and strengthened, long hair is less prone to split ends and curls appear more defined.

What is keratin smoothing?

Keratin treatments are currently very popular with hairdressers. With keratin smoothing, the experts brush a keratin cream onto the hair, where it penetrates the cuticle and envelops the hair like a protective layer. Then the hair is blow-dried and straightened. The promised effect: smooth, soft, and shiny hair for several months.

Can I get keratin from food?

Keratin is made by your body from amino acids (protein building blocks). If you want to promote production or counteract a deficiency, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet and eat foods that are rich in amino acids. These include vegetable or animal proteins that are found in fish, meat, eggs, cheese, milk, seafood, almonds, or soy, for example. Vitamin biotin can also influence the body's protein metabolism. Biotin is found in cereal products, carrots, peanuts, and mushrooms, for example.

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