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Growing Gray Hair Out: The Best Tips For Transitioning


Tired of eternal re-dyeing? Here are the best tips to make the transition from colored to gray hair barely noticeable.

Growing Gray Hair Out: The Best Tips for Transitioning

Gray hair is an issue that very few of us can ignore. Thanks to numerous beauty aids such as colorants, makeup sprays, and the like, we can, fortunately, determine for ourselves whether and when we want to present ourselves with gray hair.

However, it gets a little trickier when we decide not to dye our hair. Because regardless of whether you have gray or a different color hair: If we simply let our colored hair grow out, a very noticeable approach is usually created.

That's why we're giving you the best tips and methods with which the transition from colored to gray hair is barely noticeable.

Let gray hair grow out: conceal the roots without dyeing

Special hairline sprays are a simple way of concealing gray hairlines. In contrast to real hair dyes, they only color the hair surface. The paint can simply be brushed or washed out later. Perfect for a smooth transition from colored to gray hair. As soon as the regrown, gray hair has reached the desired length, the remaining, colored tips can be cut off gradually.

A popular approach spray is the "Magic Retouch" from L'Oréal Paris. The spray is available in many different colors, from light blonde to red to black-brown, and is also suitable for gray approaches.

If you want your hair to be a bit fuller at the roots, you can also use a root powder. The powder not only conceals the gray hairline but also makes bald patches of hair and flat, thin hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

The only disadvantage: the product is only available in four shades. The lightest color is light brown. Unfortunately, the powder is not suitable for blondes.

Let gray hair grow out: conceal the roots without dyeing | Growing Gray Hair Out: The Best Tips for Transitioning

Gray hairline: Soft transition with highlights

If you are looking for a more convenient method and want to do without styling products, highlights on the hairline could be of interest. The colored highlights prevent the gray roots from appearing like a bar and ensure a softer transition from gray to colored hair. If you want to be on the safe side, let the hairdresser do the work. He can color the highlights in different shades of ash and slate, which creates a particularly natural look.

Gray hairline: Soft transition with highlights | Growing Gray Hair Out: The Best Tips for Transitioning

Concealing gray hairlines: the best hairstyles

Even without a beauty helper, you can ensure that your gray hairline is less noticeable. First, you should say goodbye to an accurate center parting. Strict, neat hairstyles particularly emphasize the approach. Instead, go for looks that let the hair fall casually and naturally. Curls or soft waves are perfect for distracting from the contrast between the roots and hair lengths. A loosely styled ponytail or a trendy messy bun can also hide the gray approach without any dye.

Here you can find the most beautiful hairstyles for gray hair: Gray is the new Black: The most beautiful hairstyles for gray hair


Unobtrusive approach thanks to hair accessories

The styling bag of tricks can of course be expanded further. There are also a number of elegant hair accessories that distract from the gray hairline. Hairbands and towels are perfect for a long mane. Headbands are a bit simpler and more classic.

Large hair clips, for example with pearls, are also very popular at the moment. Make sure, however, that you don't poke your hair too tightly with the clip. Instead, simply wear the hair clip on the side of your hair. The hairstyle looks particularly casual if you let a few strands of hair fall over your face at the end.

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