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Experts Reveal What You Need To Know About Detox Cures


Detox is a word that has been used in health care for decades. But is detox really good for us? How do we detoxify properly? Vogue is researching the benefits of a detox and asked experts how you can get the most out of it.

Experts reveal what you need to know about detox cures

Detox: This is how the detoxification cure works, according to experts

After every celebratory season, we usually have a desire for some balance in life. January is above all the month for good resolutions, especially when it comes to our health. The increasing wellness trend to detoxify and cleanse the body, on the other hand, provides a whole range of possibilities to meet this. From the juice fast to the caveman diet, however, it's almost impossible these days to keep track of what is really promising. Vogue is deciphering the secrets of detox and has asked experts what is the healthiest way to detox - for the best possible result.

Detox: This is how the detoxification cure works, according to experts | Experts reveal what you need to know about detox cures

Detox has long been a household name in the wellness industry. But what is actually behind it?

Detox: what does that actually mean?

Detoxification is a natural process that begins in the liver. This busy organ filters around 1.4 liters of blood per minute, breaks down toxins, neutralizes them, and converts them into highly reactive metabolites (molecules that arise during metabolism), which are then in the form of bile (via the intestines) or via the Blood (filtered by the kidneys and converted to urea) is excreted.

The spectrum of toxins ranges from acute - e.g. alcohol or nicotine - to cumulative, low-quality toxins that are less obvious - such as pollutants or pesticides from food.

"Detox is what the body is constantly doing naturally to neutralize, transform, or remove unwanted substances or toxins," says Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer of functional and integrative medicine of his own kind and author of "How To Be Well". "It is a primary function of the body that happens all the time anyway and interacts with all other functions of the body."

Additional detoxification serves to improve, optimize, and support the body's natural detoxification process by reducing the toxins that we usually ingest and providing the body with extra nutrients that it needs for proper function.

When and why does a detox make sense?

When the body is overloaded with toxins - for example through a particularly gentle but nutrient-poor diet or through prolonged consumption of alcohol - the metabolism slows down. This leads to sluggishness, water retention, gas, sleep disorders, and increased cravings. does this seem familiar to you?

The good news is that detox can change all of that and be a fresh start. "It's a great way to hit the restart button," says Dr. Lipman.

Effective detox can, among other things, improve general health by reducing the toxic burden on the body and at the same time optimizing the body's natural detoxification process.

"As a result, people often feel much more energetic, usually lose weight, have a clearer complexion, general well-being is improved and pain is relieved, the ability to concentrate increases and many reports that they can focus better. Also bloating and gas can alleviate and reduce sugar cravings. "

When and why does a detox make sense? | Experts reveal what you need to know about detox cures

Detox: There are now a variety of detoxification cures with very different approaches.

How long should a detox take?

The goal of a detox is to help your natural excretory system get on better with your usual diet and lifestyle - it's a kind of fresh start, not a lifestyle that needs to be maintained forever. Dr. Lipman recommends starting with a two-week detox.

"A natural, gentle detox program can support your body's natural cleansing abilities and help you look and feel younger," says Dr. Lipman. "This can happen once a year or seasonally - depending on your individual needs."


Detox at home: What to watch out for?

1. Consciously avoid toxins in your diet to allow your body to breathe

With a healthy detox, you avoid foods that cause unwanted reactions in the body, such as gluten and dairy products, as well as any irritants for the intestines such as alcohol and caffeine. Dr. Lipman recommends radically reducing sugar and processed foods, which can also cause inflammation, and eliminating other irritating foods from the menu, including factory-farmed meat (which is often pumped full of additives and chemicals while farming).

2. Provide your body with sufficient nutrients for a proper detox

Focus on choosing the right ingredients. "Eat (and drink!) Real, whole foods," says Dr. Lipman. "The less processed and manipulated, the better." When shopping, it is important to focus on good, qualitative proteins from traceable production, healthy fats, and green vegetables.

"Fill your plate with whole foods like green vegetables, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meat, wild fish, and high-quality fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee," adds Lipman.

3. Put on sweaty workouts during the detox

During a detox, keep moving and sweat a lot. "It helps clear toxins out of the body and helps control body temperature," explains Dr. Lipman. Intense exercise and hot yoga are two ways to do this; Sauna visits, especially infrared, are another.

"Sauna visits and comparable heat treatments were an integral part of preventive care in the age of aeons," explains Lipman. "The heat stimulates blood flow, which in turn lowers blood pressure, eases muscle tension, relieves mild pain, and helps balance cortisol. Lastly, it has been shown to improve the function of the arteries by supporting the endothelial cells that line them."

Sauna applications can also have a positive effect on the immune system and strengthen the defense function of the white blood cells against unwanted intruders - especially if you are not feeling well, going to the sauna can be very helpful.

"Try a few relaxing 15-20 minute sessions a week," says Lipman. "Make sure you drink enough fluids while you are in the sauna and then take a shower immediately afterward to wash away toxins and not reabsorb them immediately."

4. Try dry brushing

The skin is your largest organ, responsible for 10-15 percent of all body waste. A gentle peeling of dead skin cells can relieve the most important detoxification organs - the kidneys and the liver.

Drybrushing promotes blood circulation, but its greatest deep cleansing effect is on the lymphatic system, which is critical in moving toxins through and out of the body.

Dr. Lipman advocates the use of natural fiber body brushes "Start with your hands and move the brush over each arm in the direction of your heart, covering every inch if possible. Then repeat the same application from your toes to your thighs. Move Brush the brush in a circular clockwise direction on your stomach and under your armpits and then repeat counterclockwise in these areas. " Finish this simple self-care application with a warm shower or bath and enjoy the effects.

5. Relax your mind too

Stress increases cortisol levels in the body, which can slow down metabolism - which is counterproductive in detoxification. Find out what will help you reduce stress. Yoga, exercise, and mediation are just some of the ways you can calm down; Taking time for yourself, doing what you like, and spending time in nature has also been shown to be very helpful.

6. With Detox it means: drink, drink, drink!

Water is the key to everything. The myriad benefits of drinking a lot include a constant body temperature, strong cognitive skills, and healthy kidney and liver function - both of which are essential for the detoxification process. Even slight dehydration can disrupt these natural detoxification systems. Since the purpose of detox is to support the organs that naturally evacuate toxins, it is even more important to drink a lot during this time than it is already.

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