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Short Hairstyles 2023: “Flob” Is The Hair Trend Of Spring


The "flob" is the elegant hair trend of spring! We reveal what's behind the special short hairstyle.

Short hairstyles 2023: “Flob” is the hair trend of spring
The so-called "Flob" will be THE short hairstyle of spring!

Short hairstyles 2023: “Flob” is the hair trend of spring
Elegant, simple, and trendy: We reveal how the flat bob works.

Short hairstyles 2023: “Flob” is the hair trend of spring
Flattering: The "flob" frames our face and emphasizes the cheekbones.

Hairstyle trends 2021: Bob is still trendy

We still can't get enough of the bob in spring 2021. The short hairstyle is still very much in vogue: No wonder because the haircut not only looks stylish but is also super practical. We'll tell you everything about the new trend variant: The "Flob" is uncomplicated and super casual.

Short hairstyle "Flob": This is what defines the trending haircut

This spring we love it cool and relaxed: That's why we can't avoid the so-called “flob”. The cute-sounding name of the short haircut is an abbreviation for "Flat Bob" and means something like "Flat Bob" in German. What is meant is a smooth short hairstyle with a parting in the middle.

Flat bob: who suits the short hairstyle?

The "flob" is mainly used for people with a round or heart-shaped face. The framing hair narrows the face and makes it look longer. Even angular shapes, such as angular faces, can be ideally balanced in this way.

The straight, short hair also brings out our cheekbones wonderfully and gives the look a particularly trendy touch.


Trendy "Flob" hairstyle: This is how we style the spring hairstyle

The styling is very simple: after washing, we make a strict middle part and just straighten the hair - if necessary. Use a straightening hair cream or, if your hair is prone to curly or wavy hair, a straightening iron. Hey, the trendy spring hairstyle is ready!

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