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Aluminum Foil Against Frizzy Hair: Does The Tiktok Hack Really Work?


A new beauty hack is going viral on TikTok. Frizzy hair should be shiny again in no time with just aluminum foil. Does it work? We tried it!

Aluminum Foil Against Frizzy Hair: Does The TikTok Hack Really Work?

If you have frizzy hair, you will be able to tell a little about it: the mane is dull and also difficult to comb. While you can get frizzy hair under control with anti-frizz spray, the beautiful shine is often missing. So how great would it be if we could turn our hair back into a dream mane with a simple hack without the use of styling spray?

This now promises a simple method that is currently making the rounds on TikTok. A household tool is used here that you probably also have at home: namely the good old roll of aluminum foil. This time, however, the foil is not used to color the hair, but to make the mane supple again.

This is how the TikTok hack works against bad hair days

Aluminum foil for frizz? Sounds pretty far-fetched at first. But if you believe some beauty influencers on TikTok, the household tool should make dull hair shiny again in no time at all. The beauty hack is advertised on social media under the motto "No more Bad Hair Days". And what would the online world be without cool hacks that make our lives easier!

It's no wonder that this TikTok trend didn't escape our attention and we wanted to try it out immediately. And this is how the whole thing should work: Just take a fresh sheet of aluminum foil and rub it several times over your dry hair from the roots to the lengths. If you believe social media, frizzy hair will be straightened in no time at all.

The result of the influencers: Shiny hair like fresh from the hairdresser. But will the hack really work as an anti-frizz method and will we never have to worry about bad hair days again in the future? We tested it and this is our conclusion.

Aluminum foil against frizz: What can the hack do?

Of course, we were very skeptical at first when testing this beauty hack. After all, many viral trends have disappointed us. Nevertheless, we didn't want to miss the method and try it immediately. So bring the aluminum foil and get to your hair with it.

Aluminum foil against frizz: what can the hack do? | Aluminum Foil Against Frizzy Hair: Does The TikTok Hack Really Work?



Our conclusion: A frizzy mane is not tamed or completely unraveled simply by stroking the foil, but the result still surprised us. After use, the hair looked smoother and freshly combed. Even flying hairs were beautifully laid out. The result lasted about two hours in the period that followed. The only disadvantage: the beauty trick is not really sustainable. Unless you use the aluminum foil more than once.

The film will certainly not be able to save even absolute bad hair days. But the method is recommended for a short touch-up in between. The hack is also practical for on the go. Because in most handbags there is certainly a small place for a folded sheet of aluminum foil in addition to hairspray and the like. Try the TikTok hack yourself.

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