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What?! What Happens When You Wear Your Bun For 2 Days?


Have you been wearing your hair in a bun for a few days? Can't be that bad. Or does it?

What?! What happens when you wear your bun for 2 days?
Worn the bun too long? These are the consequences...

When we make ourselves comfortable in the home office, it can happen that we become a little too comfortable. There is no shower for two days, the teeth are not brushed and some of them cannot change their underpants regularly either. We can imagine that these things are not exactly hygienic. But what happens if we wear our hair in a bun for two days? All messy bun lovers among us know the problem: if we don't have to leave the house, the bun can be worn for a whole day, overnight, and maybe even the next day. That can't be that bad, can it?

What happens if you wear your bun for 2 days?

We are often unsure when it comes to hair care. Should we wash our hair every day or should we wash it once a week? And am I allowed to wear a ponytail on a regular basis or does my hair break off? The answers to these questions mostly depend on the structure of the hair, after all, not every hair can withstand the same amount. But one thing is certain: if you wear the same hairstyle for too long, you damage your hair. This is especially true for the bun. The bad consequences:

1. Hair breakage

If your hair has been knotted for so many hours, it can break in some places. Commercially available elastic bands can cause serious damage and breakage. It would be better if you, as a bun wearer, wear these special, twisted ponytails. They distribute the pressure over several areas and prevent worse hair breakage. The fixation with bobby pins is also much gentler on the hair and a good alternative to the bun with elastic.

2. Hair loss

With a bun, the hair is firmly attached to the scalp. This creates a light but sustained pull on the hair. The hair roots are therefore permanently under pressure. The nasty consequence: hair loss!


3. Flaking

Anyone who wears a bun for two days - i.e. not washing or combing their hair - ensures that the scalp gathers. Sweat and bacteria accumulate, dry out the scalp and lead to dandruff. If the scalp is not cleaned regularly, the hair roots stick together and natural hair loss is disturbed, which in turn leads to more hair loss. Beautiful healthy hair? Nothing!

So if you want to keep a healthy scalp and long, healthy hair in the long term, you should open your bun at least overnight, comb, and wash your hair regularly.

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