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Hair Frosting Gives Your Hair Color New Shine


Would you like to give your hair color a new, fresher look? Then the "Hair Frosting" trend is just right for you.

Hair Frosting Gives Your Hair Color New Shine
Whether blonde hair like Suki Waterhouse...

Hair Frosting Gives Your Hair Color New Shine
...or brown hair like Dakota Johnson: "Hair Frosting" enhances every hair color!

We love trying new hairstyles and hair trends. A fringe cut, a short hairstyle, or a new hair color often make for a welcome change. But what if you are actually satisfied with your own hair color but would like to upgrade it a bit? Then you are exactly right here! The new trend "Hair Frosting" is perfect for taking the current hair color to a new level and giving it a little more Spice. Here we tell you how the look works.

Hair Frosting: How does it work?

Just over a year ago we were all still wearing baby lights - and this trend has now come of age in the form of "hair frosting". The look was shaped by Stuart Marsh, the award-winning color director at Taylor Taylor London. In order to "freeze" the hair color, individual strands of hair are dyed a cool blonde from the roots to the tips, and thus stand out in color from the remaining dark strands. Ideally, cool blonde tones are used to create a contrast to the base color.

Hair Frosting: The multidimensional finish

Because only individual hair strands are colored, the entire hair color is softened and gets a multidimensional look, where you can always discover new layers of color and effects. Depending on whether you wear your hair curly, straight, open, or in a ponytail - the "Hair Frosting" looks different and special in every style. Since the individual strands mix with the base color, this change is particularly easy to care for and subtle.

Hair Frosting: The multidimensional finish | Hair Frosting Gives Your Hair Color New Shine
Hair Frosting: The multidimensional finish | Hair Frosting Gives Your Hair Color New Shine
Instagram: @madisonbaileybabe

Hair Frosting: Suitable for all colors

The best thing about this trend: It can be implemented with all hair colors and structures. The only important thing is that you use a lighter shade that can be combined well with the base tone but still stands out from your own hair color. To avoid a "chipmunk look," it's best to have the "hair frosting" done by a professional. Have fun trying!

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