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All You Need To Know About Flax Seeds For Sublimated Hair


Want shiny, healthy hair? Stop looking for the miracle product in the beauty departments, the key is in an organic store. More precisely on the side of flax seeds. These small nuggets with many benefits release a gel that hydrates and defines the curls. The recipe for happiness to transform your hair. Explanations...

Flax seeds, the beauty secret to gutsy hair

Flax seeds, the beauty secret to gutsy hair | All you need to know about flax seeds for sublimated hair
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What are the benefits of flax seeds?

Flax seeds have many benefits for the body. Only blond linen and brown linen are consumed. To integrate this seed into its diet, it must be ground, crushed, or crushed. Good news! Flax does not contain gluten, ideal for intolerances or allergies. Why consume it? A source of vitamins, flaxseed improves the cardiovascular and digestive systems, reduces problems associated with menopause, and even prevents certain cancers. It is also rich in vitamins (E, B2, B3, B1, B5, B6). Finally, flax is very good since it reduces appetite with a satiety effect and relieves constipation. Bottom line: it's a superfood that's as healthy as it is for the beauty of the hair!

Flax seeds, the new keratin?

On social media, flax seeds are creating turmoil. Used in the form of a hair gel, the beauty sphere compares the benefits of this "home made" potion to keratin straightening. A natural mixture at a reduced price that has it all? It doesn't take much to get our attention. How it works?

Flax seeds release on contact with water a gelled texture, the famous "linseed gel" which, when applied to the hair, deeply hydrates the fiber. This treatment, zero waste and 100% natural, transforms the hair thanks to its nourishing properties. It repairs lengths and saves damaged ends. A godsend for those who dream of XXL lengths. Along with its nourishing and restorative action, it helps redefine curls and waves. Many before/after published on the Web testify to the incredible results of the gel of linen: a hair more silky, more shining, perfectly tamed… Quickly, let's get started. Our hair should thank us.

Flax seeds, the new keratin? | All you need to know about flax seeds for sublimated hair
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Linseed gel, for whom?

Dry, damaged, unruly hair… breathless, linen gel is made for you! Like aloe vera with natural moisturizing properties, flax gel has effective nourishing properties that fill the fiber with its benefits. From the first application, rebellious locks are tamed, curls defined, dry or frizzy hair regain shine and a silky touch. The sparkling effect ends as soon as the weather gets wet, the curls hold tight. Finally, this recipe provides shine and protects the hair all day long from external aggressions.

Linseed gel, for whom? | All you need to know about flax seeds for sublimated hair
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Homemade linseed gel: step by step recipe

DIY mission! To make your own homemade flax gel, few ingredients are needed: half a glass of flax seeds and two glasses of water. In a saucepan brought to a boil, boil the flax seeds for ten minutes, stirring regularly. When the texture turns into a viscous gel, remove from heat. Then filter the preparation through a sieve over a container. Grind the seeds as well as possible so that as much extract as possible passes through the sieve. Finally, pour the mixture into a perfectly clean pot. Without preservatives, flax gel can be kept for one to two weeks in the refrigerator. The trick? If the amount of product is too large, it can be used for the face or body as a skin moisturizer.

How to use linen gel on the hair?

Easy to obtain and inexpensive, flax gel is an ideal base for hair care. Just a dab of flaxseed gel, applied to wet or dry hair, nourishes the entire hair. You can also mix the linen gel with your shampoo or mask or apply it before shampooing in a thick layer for a deeper action. If the texture of the hair is a little too thick, just add a little water to soften it. An unstoppable beauty routine to naturally coat your hair without breaking the bank.

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